Sunday, June 26, 2011

Storm of Magic - Fimir?!

Well knock me over with a feather. It seems you can summon fimir in storm of magic. Which means new rules. For the first time in many editions, the old one-eyed monsters are legally walking the warhammer world again. I guess this means the end to the theory that the fimir were in the process of being utterly excised from the warhammer mythos. GW has taken ownership of them again with a vengeance. Could this mean, (the excitement is blinding me) a new model? Many a plastic set even? Even if they merely re-issue the old Nick Bibby fimir, I would be ecstatic. Only in my wildest dreams did I consider such a thing. If only for this, storm of magic gets a thumbs up from me.

Happy days.


  1. You might already have read this, that GW are re-releasing some old chaos dwarf models in Finecast, including the lammasu and taurus. So maybe a similar thing will happen with the fimir, old moulds/sculpts are used with the new Finecast material? If that's true, I might be tempted to grab a couple and get them painted up for my display cabinet, as I suspect many old timers throughout the land will!

  2. You bet. This might tempt me into finecast indeed. I've seen the lammasu and great taurus. I play chaos dwarves as well, so I was most pleased to see them. As to the fimir, I'm still looking for three nobles for the army, so fingers crossed they re-issue the old models. Something tells me we might see a new sculpt though, as the original fimir are as rare as hen's teeth, and very expensive on ebay.

  3. I also read this rumour with interest. It appears to be widely supposed that there will be Zoats again too (which I also approve of).

    Do you think new models could make it into your project, quality pending of course?

  4. Definitely, if they appeal to me. At the very least I may have access to more components for conversion. It's the future possibilities that excite me. If GW are taking fimir back into the fold, then they are likely to get some kind of new treatment in the form of new rules or models. I'm not expecting a new army, but...something.


    Where do you find this illustration?

    Don't think to see recast.

  6. Fimir balefiends eh? Sounds like a dirach. Thanks Dreadaxe, I'll be hunting down any sliver of info I can until I can see the scroll of binding for the fimir in the book. That does point to a new model. Sweet.

    The illustration is from here:


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