Friday, November 9, 2012

Fimir - Half Dead Update 3, Test Model Complete

The test model for the half-dead is done. He painted up pretty quickly once I'd gotten the skin the way I wanted it, which did take some experimentation. I wanted him to have that mahogany looking skin that most bog mummies have, quite dark, which meant highlighting had to be subtle but still effective. The bone I painted as normal, even though it would also be quite dark in reality, but this would have been pretty boring on a model. I then used a matt varnish over gloss, which tends to give a satiny look to the skin. I use this on the fimm warriors too to give their skin a little lift.

I used some Macharius Solar  Orange from the now defunct Games Workshop foundation range to add rust to the iron. I added a little flow improver to this to dilute it to a milky consistency. I created patches of orange on the sword which created a very pleasing random corrosion effect. It's a little hard to see on the picture, unfortunately.

The rotted kilt is a 50/50 mix of Mechrite Red and the skin colour. I wanted to mute down any clothing as it would have been stained by the peat as well, but not so much that it was indistinguishable from the skin. I'm thinking of using this mix for hair, as all bog mummies appear to be redheads, which I imagine is the bog's doing over time.

More leathery bog undead soon!

A little update - thinking about the glowing eyes thing. There are so few members of the unit with eyes, I'd kinda have to attempt the glowing eye sockets if I want glowing eyes in the unit to work. I'm aiming for something like what you see below. Whatcha think?


  1. Very nice indeed. If you think you need some more colour, the helmet could be aged bronze i.e. with a jade green wash, which would add a nice contrast to the red. But absolutely smashing as it is!

    1. Cheers! That's a good idea. I might throw some verdigris on the next model and see how it looks. I want to try that, and some blue glowing eyes. If they work out I'll go back over this guy.

    2. I'd actually suggest some of that purple as verdigris (it's fantasy!) to tie to the base so you are not introducing a 4th colour.

    3. Good point. I do have blue leystones on the fimm warriors though, so blue would tie in with that. Hmm. Have to have a think about that.

  2. Love it, the skin looks especially nice.

  3. It definitely does have the Peat Man look to it!


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