Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fimir - Half Dead Update 5

Another two test models complete my fiddling about with the half-dead colour scheme. The skin tone I think I am finally happy with. It's dark, like a bog body, but still light enough to take some highlighting and show some definition on muscles and such. The bone adds a nice contrast, as does the glowing eyes. I think that the glow is now a vital part of the scheme, as they most of the tones are very earthy and it needs something to jazz it up. This is the same reason the shield is turquoise. Celtic shields were very colourful anyway, and a few of these in the unit with varying designs will add a nice bit of colour. I'm quite happy with the champion. A slightly awkward model (actually an old Celtos model), yet I am very fond of the sculpt, and he suits the theme of the unit well.

This lad was a real test. There's a few models in the unit with smashed skulls and the like, so I wanted to use this to have the glow spilling out of any cracks in the head, not just the eye sockets. I think I like it enough to use it on the rest of the unit. I also love the way the solder pen melted the plastic on his abdomen, arms and back, the wounds and decay look really convincing.

With these folks done, I'm going to assembly town and will build the other fifteen members of the unit. Well, twelve really, what with the filler taking up four slots. More peat-encrusted undead soon...


  1. Love it! If I have any suggestions they would be... more slime/gunk looking stuff on the bog zombie dudes. I love the bright blue/white color, will really help them pop and look "eerie" on the table.

  2. Oh please oh please do share the technique for glowy eyes! :)

  3. I may add some weed to them at some point, but I'm wary of overdoing it, I guess it depends on the model.

    The glow:

    Base: GW Hawk Turquoise.

    1:1 mix Hawk turquoise:GW Skull White. Mix with some flow improver to the point where it's the consistency of milk. Wash the eye, and wash out over the edge of the socket, tinting the bone and softening the base turquoise colour.

    Mix Skull White with more flow improver, to nearly the same consistency, just slightly thicker, and drop a small dot in the centre of the eye. It will not leave a tide mark as it dries like it would if you mixed with water, but should blend to the turquoise.

    There may be a little clean-up, or adding some OSL to things like the champion's helmet, and that's it! I'm still refining the technique, but it seems to work so far.


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