Monday, June 10, 2013

Fimir - Half Dead Update 13

And with a squelch of stinking black mud, the half dead return.

May was a complete wash out for me on the hobby front. A perfect storm of deadlines conspired to keep me at work almost literally every waking moment. I would look forward to special treats such as 'going to the toilet' and 'standing up'. Such was my lot. Not that ye care, you bunch of heartless fiends. Very well then, onto the meat of the post.

As soon as it became even remotely possible to get some hobby in, I was back at the painting table. My month of hobby silence is a major blow to my intention to get the fimir army battle ready in time for NWG this year, and I need to make up some time. The first thing to do was get the two fellows on my painting table finished off, the half dead standard bearer and another rank and file trooper. Nothing is simply rank and file with this army, however, so even my back ranker needed glowing eyes added. With these two lads completed I am left with three more half dead to complete the unit. I need to paint a character and get well into my marlwyrm riders this month to even get somewhere close to back on schedule.

So, with that, I leave ye for the comfort of this evenings brushwork.


  1. I am not such a heartless fiend and believe me I care as I know just how that kind of work feels!

    Great post. I lurk in the shadows of this blog at least once a week.


  2. Congratulations on finding some hobby time. Work is a cruel and unforgiving mistress. These models are awesome - just typical for your army which (as I've said before) is just annoyingly wonderfully produced!

  3. Nice work on those - love the standard. Best, Dean

  4. Super pretty monsters as always! Your glowing eyes are fantastic- care to share a step-by-step? :)

  5. Cheers all.

    @Fimm: No worries. The glowing eye sockets are basecoat GW hawk turquoise, then about 1:1 GW ice blue:acrylic flow improver, place a drop of that mix in the socket. As it dries it forms a pretty nice gradient. Repeat the process with 1:1 white: flow improver. You might need to do that a couple of times. That's it!

  6. Love the kit mixing in here. An the paintjob is spot on as always ^^. GJ MR.S!


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