Friday, January 20, 2012

Fimir - Albion Chariot

I recently acquired a Gael chariot from the Celtos line on the old ebay. I had been looking for a Celtic-style chariot for my fimir for a while, and this one looks 'warhammery' enough to fit in. I'm very happy with it, it will look great and will serve well as a chaff unit.

Now, it IS going to look a little odd when I stick it on a swamp base, as chariots were not known for their  performance in marshes, but, them's the breaks, I have a basing theme and I'm damn well sticking to it. The thing I'm really wondering about is the passenger. There's a rather nice human spearman in the kit, but I was thinking of putting a fimm on the back of the chariot with a spear or man-catcher. I would have used both the human and fimir crewman, swapping them as needed, but alas, the chariot deck is just a teeny bit too small to fit a 25mm base. So, I put it out there, fimm, or human?


  1. Explore the weird and wonderful world of magnets, then you can have both.

  2. Always enjoyed the look of the Celtos. Cool minis.

  3. Fimir, It just has to be Fimir, maybe a female Fimir with scythe armed wheels like Bodicia.


  4. Hah, that would be cool. Problem with female fimir is they only come in the leader of the clan, spellcaster type, and are pretty rare. Still, I think if I can't use the magnets, and I probably will, a fimm warrior might be the way to go.

  5. How about buxom female 'hostages'? There is a scantily clad femme fatale in the Dark Eldar range which a mate showed me recently!

    This chariot model has enormous wheels! They bear some comparison in size and appearance to the paddle-wheels on the Marienburg Landship which I'm avidly assembling.

    Those draft horses look terrible. Fit only for dog food.

    I'm impressed by the character or style of the vehicle itself. Your Fimir warriors ride conjures images in my mind of the Asoborn Tribe's chariots which thundered around in the time of Sigmar (everyone should read 'Time of Legends') except it's lacking a frontal support acting as cover and practical support fixture for riders.



  6. I want to stay weeell away from the scantily clad female thing, especially where the fimir are concerned.

    The wheels are ju-mungous. I did find the lack of any front to the chariot odd, but I still liked the look of it. The horses, well, they'll be a challenge, but the paint job may help.

    The land ship looks like an amazing kit. If I was an Empire player I'd have bought one in a flash. I'm currently reading the chaos dwarf list, which looks great fun.


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