Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Genestealer Cult - Jackal Alphus

I've loved the idea of mounted hybrids for ages. Ever since I read the story about the raiders unwittingly attacking a caravan packed with cultists. Worst raid ever. (Edit: White Dwarf 115, Page 70)

Oh FFS, the raiders wailed.

With the advent of the new cult bikers, an opportunity presented itself. Added to that I needed a 40k racer mini for an upcoming BoYL game, and lo, it was time. Kol Renko, jackal alphus of the Wyrm Forged cult was born.

Now, my cult is placed in a corrupted adeptus mechanicus temple, so yeah, biked would make more sense. But to that I say FMEH. Instead of rationalising this I'll just put up another picture of Kol here.

I used one the the excellent mutie horses from Gorkamorka for the genesteed. It's perfect. For the rider I used admech, scion and cult parts, as well as a couple of fan-made bits. I used an acolyte body for Kol as I wanted him to be three-armed, and hence a 2nd generation hybrid. I did consider adding reins, but then came to my senses as rider and mount were painted separately, so it would have been crazy hard. Sometimes cost vs result needs to be employed. Also, the rider controls the mount using the broodmind link. There, SOLID explanation.

This fella gives me a nice HQ choice for 40k, and a sweet addition to the cult. Here's the obligatory 'new guy plus mates' shot I'm so exceedingly fond of.

Kol and his brethren aid biophagus Scrivello in his duties.
Now, back to that purestrain.

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