Saturday, March 12, 2016

Frostgrave - Deadite Warband #5

I've just finished the captain for my Deadite Frostgrave warband. There was only really one choice when choosing what character to use. Bad Ash is one of my all-time favourite bad guys, as inept as his not-as-bad twin and just as entertaining. I expect him to fumble dice rolls and get his compatriots killed at every opportunity, but he has so many quotable lines to use in-game it more than makes up for his failings.

That brings the warband up to five, we're getting there. Here's the evil crew so far:

Next up, a flying Deadite (thief) and an undead hound.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Pantheon of Chaos - Pre Kickstarter Miniature

With the Pantheon of Chaos Kickstarter now only a few weeks away, this pre-kickstarter mini has just gone up for sale on the Pantheon of Chaos Facebook page. If you like your heavy metal, this fellow might appeal. You can order one via the address on the image, or go to the thread on the Pantheon of Chaos Facebook page.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Frostgrave - Deadite Warband #4

Another addition to the Deadites today. This is the leader of the warband, the mysterious Kandarian. The Evil Dead movies make several references to Kandarian demons, daggers and the like, and in the latest series, Ash vs Evil Dead, we get to see the authors of the Necronomicon at work constructing the book, the Dark Ones, who I will assume are Kandarians.

The Dark Ones at work. Arts and crafts was hardcore in those days.
This seemed to good an idea not to use in the warband, so I located an appropriate hooded gent. This fellow is from Pure Evil miniatures. With his inclusion I am up to four for the warband. Getting there.

There are a couple of other notables from the series I want to include too, most definitely Eligos, who would make a great summoned demon.

Next up is the warband captain, who took a while to get a figure sorted for. I am very much enjoying painting him I must say. He's no goody two shoes, that's for sure.

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