Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Frostgrave - Deadite Warband #4

Another addition to the Deadites today. This is the leader of the warband, the mysterious Kandarian. The Evil Dead movies make several references to Kandarian demons, daggers and the like, and in the latest series, Ash vs Evil Dead, we get to see the authors of the Necronomicon at work constructing the book, the Dark Ones, who I will assume are Kandarians.

The Dark Ones at work. Arts and crafts was hardcore in those days.
This seemed to good an idea not to use in the warband, so I located an appropriate hooded gent. This fellow is from Pure Evil miniatures. With his inclusion I am up to four for the warband. Getting there.

There are a couple of other notables from the series I want to include too, most definitely Eligos, who would make a great summoned demon.

Next up is the warband captain, who took a while to get a figure sorted for. I am very much enjoying painting him I must say. He's no goody two shoes, that's for sure.


  1. COUGH Lucy Lawless COUGH

    They look splendid Sir !

    1. Thanks Assless. Well, she COULD be under that cloak.

  2. He is right you know, you need a Lucy Lawless.

    The band is looking really nice together, very coherent. It will be great to get a few games in against them.

    Eligos was wonderfully creepy and nightmarish in the show. Capturing that in minature is a very worthy pursuit.

    Whats next?

    1. Thanks Cheeotor, I'm enjoying them hugely.

      Eligos will be a challenge, but I think I have the base model. The plastic bloodletter should work with perhaps a ghoul head and some sculpting work, and some time withe the solder pen to add those nasty wounds.

      Next up is my personal favourite, Bad Ash from Army of Darkness. He's made to captain a Deadite warband to crushing defeat.


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