Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Space Pirates - Captain Saturday and Mister Mumble

Today we have something a little different. I present Captain Saturday and first mate, Mr Mumble. Neither of these dubious gentlemen were painted by me.

For reasons, my excellent compadres Axiom and Asslessman took it upon themselves to convert, paint and post a space pirate version of me. That's right, two takes on space pirate Mr Saturday right here, complete with parrots, tricorns and stripey pants. One couldn't but be humbled by such gestures, though Axiom's version has been at the biscuit tin, or that armour is adding a few pounds.

Both are fine examples of the respective fellow's work. You can see Asslessman's post on Captain Saturday here. Both lads were canny enough to leave the basing to me, so I added my standard sci-fi bases to tie them into my existing collection.

I'm delighted to have a mini from the hands of both hobbists, they'll be yarring into action at the earliest opportunity.

Wayland Games

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