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Welcome to Mr Saturday's Oldhammer bazaar. This page is dedicated to miniatures I'm looking to trade for and miniatures I have to trade in return. This first section is the wanted section. The highlighted miniatures are the ones I'm looking for. The page will shrink and expand depending on what I have and want at the time!

WANT (Miniatures I'm looking for)
Below are some of the miniatures I'm still hunting. I'm looking for the HIGHLIGHTED ones.

Bob Olley Black Orcs

Iron Claw Skeletal Guard

1991 Catalogue Part 2

1989 Citadel Catalog: Night Horrors
1991 catalogue Part 2
Chaos thugs. So many chaos thugs.
Rogue Trader Adventurers
1988 Catalogue
Citadel Blue Catalogue - 1991
Mounted models and unreleased hybrid.
Citadel Catalogue - Summer 1989
1997 Citadel Catalogue - Hobgoblins

Chaos Dwarf Asscannon - Another lofty ambition.
1991 Catalogue Part 1
Red Catalogue 1991
Chaos Renegade 'slim' backpacks.

Quite a few, I know, including some of the more uncommon miniatures of yesteryear. 

HAVE (Miniatures I have to trade)
Below is a small percentage of trade items I have at the moment. IF I were to put up everything I would go entirely mad. I'll add to it as want and whim take me. If you're interested in anything add a comment and I'll be in touch! I won't be interested in selling, trade only. The ones I have for trade are the HIGHLIGHTED ones.

Various. X marked minis are gone
Various. X marked minis are gone.
Various. X marked minis are gone.
Elf - Citadel Agmat Catalogue, 1985
Heroic Fighters - Citadel Catalogue, 1988.
Goblins - Citadel Catalogue 1997.
Goblins - Citadel Catalogue 1997.
Goblins - Citadel Catalogue 1997.
Chaos - Citadel Catalogue 1997.
Griffin (no rider) - Citadel Catalogue 1997.
Eldar characters - Citadel Catalogue 1991.
Empire - Citadel Catalogue 1994.
Bretonnians - Citadel Catalogue 1998.
Bretonnians - Citadel Catalogue 1998.

This is still only a fraction of what I have to trade. If there's something you're after, and you've got something to trade from my wanted section, contact me and there's a reasonable chance I might have the items you're after.

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