Sunday, May 17, 2020

Gaslands - Jackal Bikers

The Gaslands project careens towards completion. The last vehicular additions are these two wee bikers. Kol Venner and Sayben Desh riding Jackal bikes operate as outriders and scouts for the Faithful Sons.

Both of the bikers are 3D prints, graciously sent to me by a pal once I announced I was looking for genecult bikers in 20mm. I mounted them on bases I had left over from my Man O' War project.

Kol Venner on Jackal One.

This one has an obvious warboy vibe, but suits equally well as a neophyte biker. I painted on some residual brow ridges just to reinforce the genecult theme, as well as  a purplish tinge to his skin.

Sayben Desh on Jackal Two.

Kol here is much more obviously a miniature atalan jackal. Where he hails from, I know not, I was just delighted to my hands on him.

With these two outriders, the gang is technically complete. However, I'm going to add some cult members on foot should 20mm cult wargaming opportunities loom at some juncture.

Little Beast flanked by the jackal riders.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Gaslands - Little Beast

Today we have the last of my vehicles for my Gaslands gang, Little Beast. I wanted to add a buggy to the roster, partly as it's another vehicle type, partly as I like that sweet Northstar gunner and partly because I love this car. It's the only one I bought from a modern range specifically for the gang.

This was the only car I took apart to paint. I drilled out the post once I had consulted YouTube on the matter. Painting it in sections was much easier, and it went back together really easily. I added a driver too, who you totally can't see in these photos, but he's in there, all highlighted up, rarely to be seen by the eyes of humanity.

For parts, I used up more of my Northstar wasteland warriors drivers crew pack, leaving me only one lonely passenger mini. I used another 3D printed gun and some parts from the Implements of Carnage sprue. I have a handy tub of Adeptus Mechanicus parts that are unbelievably handy for odd parts, such as the gun mount and windscreen shield. Some bendy corrugated sheeting for amrour and that was that. 

I kept the original wheels this time, as I had run out of alternatives! Still, they look grand. With that, the gang is ready for road, though I am adding some more models, namely a pair of neophytes on bikes. After that, we're looking at some neophytes and acolytes on foot.

Little Beast and The Zealot.

Wayland Games

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