Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Gaslands - The Joyful Word & The Zealot

It's been a while, but at long last my next two Gaslands vechicles are ready to roll. Two heavy trucks, The Joyful Word and The Zealot join The Preacher and get the gang up and running proper.

Since I built The Preacher I went on something of a parts ordering spree. The Ramshackle Games ranges were ideal, giving me loads of guns, turrets, rams, armour and some tasty cultist type crew I could have driving and hanging off the various vehicles. Combined with the Gaslands Implements of Carnage sprue from Northstar and some nice 3d printed parts I had enough bits to kit out a number of vehicles.

The two trucks have been in my possession a very long time, almost forty years I think. They were originally two Kellogg's Cornflakes delivery trucks I sent off for as a lad. Little did I know as I cut out those wee coupons from cardboard cereal boxes that I'd be ruthlessly defacing them several decades later. Life, you scamp you.

As well as the parts I amassed, I carved some armour plates from plastic card for the windows. That combined with some corrugated iron served to armour these lads up. Oh, and some nice big rams. The Joyful Word also has some skeletons chained to the front. These are from the All Quiet on the Martian Front range.

The Joyful Word above is kitted out with a machine gun, crewman with grenades, ram and a wall of amps. Not the most efficient weapon, but huge laugh potential. The magus is no doubt extolling the faithful to ever greater effort via five huge meaty amps. 

I used a combination of traditional and contrast paints here. Mostly to quiet down drybrushing or add some vibrancy. I also used the Shyish Purple contrast paint with some medium to apply some recess glazes to the cultist's red robes. The slightly smaller scale begs greater contrast, though I might start using it on my 28mm stuff too, as it works nicely.

The Zealot is a more aggressive machine. Armed with a minigun, harpoon, ram and a crewman with a machine gun, it's an unsubtle automobile. These two trucks won't be super nippy, but they'll certainly be good for turning rivals cars into flaming scrap metal. With these two done I think I'll need to add something more nippy like a buggy or performance car. Maybe a bike or two.

My next build will be a lot more overtly genestealer cult related. I mean, the cult limo is a staple, but I'm thinking something more open top, with just a sprinkle of throne room thrown in. Daddy needs a sweet ride too.

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