Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Genestealer Cult - The Saviour

The blessed ones are revered by the Wyrm-Forged, as it should be. They are purity of form made manifest, unburdened by the weaknesses of mankind. They are, in the whole, aloof, and unconcerned by the travails of their lesser brethren. However, some do appear to favour their kin more than others, none more so than the one known as the saviour.

The Yogoth kin are well known among the Kabeiri. Many of their number bearing the unmistakable mark of the coiled hunter. (This variant of genestealer is known as the Ymgarl strain to the adepts of the Ordo Xenos.) This particularly strong trait is even known to appear in the 3rd generation. The Saviour is broodfather to the current cycle of the Yogoth, and through some quirk of the gene-cycle is uncharacteristically protective of its hybrid offspring. So much so that it famously interposed itself between its great-grandson, Eldir, and the plasma pistol of Inquisitor Krasek. Leaping in front of the gush of plasma, one of the saviour's arms was incinerated in the blast. Eldir himself lost much of his own third arm as he tried to push the holy one clear. To Eldir, it was the duty of the kin to protect the blessed ones, not the other way round. 

Eldir's shame was immense. Though Krasek was defeated and his skull offered to The Watcher, his great grandsire had been mutilated. Driven by his guilt, Eldir petitioned the cult's metasurgeons to construct a worthy replacement limb for his great-grandfather. The surgeons laboured diligently and constructed a new forearm worthy of the holy one. For its part the saviour seemed cognisant of what its kin were attempting and allowed the procedure. Though lacking in elegance, the new appendage took, and the saviour soon realised its new limb's killing power was every bit the equal of it's chitinous claws.

Since I decided on a more mechanical iteration of the cult as my take on things I fancied doing a cyborg purestrain. I didn't want to go too far as no doubt openly mucking about with the God-beings would be tantamount to heresy, so a minor alteration appealed more. A claw from the ever-useful Kataphron Destroyers kit and I had my part. I'm not certain where the stealer comes from, possibly one of the tyranid kits.

I had seen an upright stealer online and I liked the pose. I can't recall where though, so I can't credit the person that made it, apologies! I altered the stance, having the creature leaping up an old pipe. I had to re-position the head a little, which required a little greenstuff work on the neck. The conversion on the arm was very simple, just an arm-swap below the elbow. I tried to show the stealer compensating for the weight in the pose, but I don't know how effective that was.

Painting took a while with other projects butting in. I used my standard scheme. I strikes me that while I used purple glazes on the flesh here, hybrids from other races might benefit from keeping the same scheme as the human hybrids but swapping out the purple glaze for green, blue or whatever the host race requires.

Groust and Eldir Yogoth flank their grand-sire, the saviour.

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