Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Gaslands - The Ophanim

The Gaslands project chugs on. Today I add the main man to the gang, that patriarch himself, on his tricked out limo, The Ophanim.

I wanted a performance car for the gang, and not adding a limo to a genestealer cult Gaslands crew would be a major missed opportunity. Happily I came across an the perfect vintage die-cast car in a €1 tub of similarly unloved cars at a local scale-modeller shop.

Once I'd mutilated the old car, I ferreted about for some tasty parts to make it into a conveyance for the more ostentatious patriarch. A throne made of all sorts of detritus, a nasty ram, assorted do-das and a nice laser cannon. The crew are from Ramshackle, Northstar and Games Workshop (big daddy is in fact a genestealer cult familiar). I love the Northstar wasteland warriors, they make perfect neophytes. I have several prepped for duty as dismounted crew down the road. Down the road. Eh? No?


The car was painted up much the same as the rest of the gang, heavyily weathered and with plenty of black contrast paint. I added a little heat damage to the laser and painted up the... lasery bit as if it is hot to add some visual interest. I fear for that crewman's nethers if that thing misfires.

The performance car has two build slots, so I chose the laser and grabber arm. The reason I went for grabber arm is that I wanted something to represent the patriarch's psychic powers as he mentally compels enemy drivers to plough their cars into walls, off bridges and into each other. The arm can change an enemy vehicle's facing, so that works nicely.

With the limo done, I am starting work on the final car of the gang, the buggy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Genestealer Cult - Macrocosm Space Dwarf Bikers Kickstarter

Today, amid the turmoil of the rapidly changing world we now inhabit, I have some rather unusual delights for you. A while ago I became aware of a new project from Macrocosm, some space dwarfs, including bikers. There were parts to convert them into mutants, which look very much like genestealer cult squats, so naturally I was most interested.

Chris from Macrocosm was kind enough to send me a selection, and I set to work. They are modular, so there are a variety of arms, heads, weapons, packs and so on. Along with the number of regular squat parts, there are several hybrid heads along with some mutated arms, and a dedicated hybrid biker body with an extra arm.

I used that very biker body here, on Dagur Griefkin, Atalan Jackal of the Kabeiri. The set was sculpted by Bob Olley and Alessio Cisbani. I'm quite the fan of both sculptors, and as Bob has sculpted so many genestealer cult minis before they fit in nicely.

The bikes are metal, so have quite a bit of heft to them. I recommend pinning where possible.

Here we have Baerdal Clawhammer and his gunner, Lythur Griefkin on a Wolftrike. (A very fine proxy for the Atalan Jackal Wolfquad) The trike is a charming mini, perfectly at home in a retro Bob Olley heavy cult. I do recommend painting it in sub-assemblies though. I tested out my scheme for vehicles for the Kabeiri on these bikes, and I'm quite happy with it. I think it'll work well on ridgerunners and goliaths.

The faces on the hybrids were a joy to paint, with lots of nice detail. I used mostly contrast paints on the skin, and essentially washed in all the colour over a Pallid Wych Flesh basecoat, with only one set of highlights over the washes.

There is also a set of infantry available. So for anyone wanting a nice squad of modular hybrid squats, now's your chance. The claw arm on this guy is a conversion, using the hand from the mutated arm in place of a regular squat hand. There are heavy weapons as well as melee and ranged arm options for these.

So, if you fancy some of these, head over to the kickstarter which is due to start any day now, and see what tickles your fancy.

Wayland Games

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