Thursday, September 29, 2011

Monstrous Arcana - Forge World Do Fimir

I mentioned a little while ago that GW seem to be releasing new products bases entirely on what have in my personal wish-list. I like: vampire counts, chaos dwarves and fimir. Can you see why I'm happy? The latest in this series of 'keep Mr Saturday happy' is the news that fimir warriors will be included in the new Monstrous Arcana book. Hot damn. I guess they will be monstrous infantry. But hell, the timing! I started my fimir army earlier this year when most warhammer players would have looked at a fimir and went "That's a what now?" and now not only does the dirach get new rules in SoM, but the fimm are due for a NEW MODEL RELEASE. Joygasm.

 Just to further spread the happy times, here's the first inkling of how the new fimir might look, and he looks good. I like the tapered snout, it looks meaner without losing the fimir head-shape, and the armour on his back is a great idea. I would guess by his gear and tail this lad is a fianna fimm. The Celtic influence looks strong too, with the swirls on the armour. One thing of note, his feet look a little more zoat - like than before. Something in that, I wonder?

The fancy of a madman, I'll warrant.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Re-Introduction of the Chaos Dwarves into Polite Society

I've been thumbing through the new Ogre Kingodom book and I was pleased to see more mention of my little pals the Dawi Zharr. It turns out there's a healthy amount of trade between the ogres and Zharr Naggrund, and once again an army owes it's weapons/armour to the industry of the chaos dwarves, as the leadbelchers can now attest. It's very gratifying to see the dwarves o' evil folded back into the GW mythos after so long shunned and despised...

It's been a good year for the evil stunties, with Forgeworld producing a new line of the evil little fellows and the upcoming (it's been upcoming a while now) Tamurkhan - Throne of Chaos promising a new list for the long-neglected chaos dwarves. Other companies have been producing a nice line of dwarves too, with the Dwerg from Bederken miniatures being my firm favourite. I prefer the 3rd edition chaos stunties, all mutations, spiky armour and even spikier beards. No big hats here please.

I've put my dwarves on hold pending the new list, as I had been using the Indy GT list, and before I build any more of the army I want to see what options there are in the Tamurkhan list. I'm quite eager to paint up the little fellows, and I'm very happy with the test model, but I'll have to wait for now. My fimir are keeping me quite engaged in the meantime, and I'm having a blast putting that army together.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fimir - Fimm Champion Finished

After a couple of months of assembly, I recently pulled out the brushes to start painting up what I have built so far. First up was the fimm unit champion, the fian. I was very curious to see how my wee converted fimir would turn out, it's the culmination of a fair bit of rumination into how to make a human-scale fimir that I could make an army's worth of. I used the same scheme as the test model, for the most part, with a couple of alterations. I'm pretty happy with him, and it gives me an insight into how the whole unit will look when it's done.

Time to start the fimir batch painting machine I guess.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

B*stardCon6 - Campaign Time

Once again, the con that isn't really meets up. This time, we initiate our warhammer campaign, so a weekend of campaign playtesting and grudge games await. We've been slowly gathering momentum behind our Sundered Isles campaign, which we're documenting on CampaignHammer. Hopefully this will be a mighty record of the war to come and an aid to anyone else hoping to run a warhammer campaign. If we can pull it off ourselves, that is.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blood Bowl - Field of Dreams

Listening to Zlurpcast recently, I came across an interview with the man behind FF Fields, a new company who do a range of bloodbowl fields, or pitches, depending on your location. All I can say is goddam. They look fantastic. They do standard designs, or custom fields with your logo, end zone text and so on, in either roll-up or six part hard plastic. This is a great new product for Bloodbowl, and now that I've seen it, the need to have is rising steadily.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Space Hulk - Still Good

This is an actual game shot. Poor guy.
Recently a good friend of mine travelled down to visit, and both of us being gamers it wasn't long before we were staring at the games cupboard wondering what to try. We picked 1st edition Spacehulk. (I do have the 3rd edition set, but to my shame I haven't even punched it yet.) We skimmed over the rules to remind ourselves how to play, and settled down to an evening of beer and bolters. Storm bolters, that is.

The last time I played this game was well over a decade ago. I'm happy to say my enjoyment of it has diminished not a jot in the intervening years. It really is an all-time classic, the sheer tension of the game draws you in to the point that when you next glance at the clock the comment is; "Holy crap, it's that late?!"

I think I'll be punching my 3rd ed set soon.

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