Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Space Hulk - Still Good

This is an actual game shot. Poor guy.
Recently a good friend of mine travelled down to visit, and both of us being gamers it wasn't long before we were staring at the games cupboard wondering what to try. We picked 1st edition Spacehulk. (I do have the 3rd edition set, but to my shame I haven't even punched it yet.) We skimmed over the rules to remind ourselves how to play, and settled down to an evening of beer and bolters. Storm bolters, that is.

The last time I played this game was well over a decade ago. I'm happy to say my enjoyment of it has diminished not a jot in the intervening years. It really is an all-time classic, the sheer tension of the game draws you in to the point that when you next glance at the clock the comment is; "Holy crap, it's that late?!"

I think I'll be punching my 3rd ed set soon.

Wayland Games

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