Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fimir - New Weapons, New Unit

A bit of a red letter day here on Mr Saturday's Mumblings. After a serious amount of sawing, shaving, cutting, glueing, sculpting, casting, cursing, filing, pinning and eye-straining, the first unit of fimm are assembled. Oh yes. I will put aside for a moment the fact that that they still have to be actually painted, and that I have another unit of twenty to do after that. Such thoughts could drive a man from his wits. Let us instead concentrate on the fact that twenty fimm warriors now stand ready to defend their lands from all comers....aaaaand possibly do a bit of raiding too.

In other news, after seeing the fine weapons borne by the fimir of clan Myeri on Fimm McCool's Games Orkshop, I resolved to supply my own fimm with such fine arms as soon as possible. Thanks to Old Fogey on TWF, I soon had a cache of dwarf axes in my sweaty grasp. I wanted to have the axes look vaguely Celtic, and a lot less finely crafted than dwarf weapons, as the shearl artisans of a fimir clan have limited resources at best. Here's my first effort at such a weapon.

Before I delve in to painting the fimm, I have some work to do on the movement trays. Base X of War have been very accommodating with my awkward orders, and I just need to administer a little nip and tuck before they are ready for priming, and then it's full belt into the paintravaganza.

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