Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fimir - New Weapons, New Unit

A bit of a red letter day here on Mr Saturday's Mumblings. After a serious amount of sawing, shaving, cutting, glueing, sculpting, casting, cursing, filing, pinning and eye-straining, the first unit of fimm are assembled. Oh yes. I will put aside for a moment the fact that that they still have to be actually painted, and that I have another unit of twenty to do after that. Such thoughts could drive a man from his wits. Let us instead concentrate on the fact that twenty fimm warriors now stand ready to defend their lands from all comers....aaaaand possibly do a bit of raiding too.

In other news, after seeing the fine weapons borne by the fimir of clan Myeri on Fimm McCool's Games Orkshop, I resolved to supply my own fimm with such fine arms as soon as possible. Thanks to Old Fogey on TWF, I soon had a cache of dwarf axes in my sweaty grasp. I wanted to have the axes look vaguely Celtic, and a lot less finely crafted than dwarf weapons, as the shearl artisans of a fimir clan have limited resources at best. Here's my first effort at such a weapon.

Before I delve in to painting the fimm, I have some work to do on the movement trays. Base X of War have been very accommodating with my awkward orders, and I just need to administer a little nip and tuck before they are ready for priming, and then it's full belt into the paintravaganza.


  1. That's a mean looking unit... looking forward to seeing them painted up! And liking the extended hilt on the axe too, makes it look much more suitably Fimm-sized and less dwarven! May have to appropriate that idea back! :)

  2. Oh, in addition, you might find some of the Fimir clans have a good trading system established with Hobgoblin tribes...

  3. Cheers Fimm, appropriate away!

    I've been considering an allied greenskin unit seeing as the fimir have more of an affinity with them than most. Hobgoblins eh?

  4. Short term goals are the only way to get through an army project...especially one like this! :-) Looking forward to seeing these guys painted!

  5. Nice work on the axe detailing.

    As always - I look forward to reading/seeing more.



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