Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fimir - Other Clans, Other Fans, Part 2

Since the first part of this article was posted, more fimir goodness has come to my notice. It seems the fimir are still hanging in there by the tips of their fingernails, the recent press they got in Storm of Magic having done the race no harm at all in raising their profile.

I've gotten more shots of Steve Mack's upcoming fimir warband. The great conversion jobs he has produced make me wonder about carving up a few nobles myself, as blasphemous as that sounds.

The components he's used on the models fit well, the great axe wielding noble really is nicely posed and is very convincing as a converted model, once he's painted he'll be a bit of a show stopper, methinks.  The musician in particular is a favourite, and give a little insight as to what we might have seen if the fimir had had more models produced.

While I was on holiday one of my posts was commented on by a fellow that goes by the moniker of Fimm McCool. Taking a look at his blog I was astounded to find another madman attempting to build a fimir army. Not only that, but his influences for the army were so similar to my own I thought 'This is a type of goat moment' Allow me to explain.

The internet is a wondrous place. No matter what your predilections, likely there is a site, blog or chatroom for you. Such is the wealth of material that were one to type flaming goat wearing tophat eating a bowl of shrimp into the search engine, the answer would be: specify type of goat.

The fimir are a niche army in a fairly unusual hobby, so the chances of finding another current blog concerning the building of an army of them citing influences like the Dark Crystal and Celtic mythology are fairly remote. Cue Fimm McCool's Games Orkshop.

Fimm has taken the Henson influence one step further, actually basing some of his characters on Henson's creations. There's a goodly dose of Cletic myth in there too, his kelpies are a great idea, and look pretty creepy. There are some really nice ideas, such as using dwarf weapons for the fimm. When I saw that my thoughts were 'Dwarf axes, they look pretty Celtic. Damn it, why didn't I think of that?'

As Fimm is a propmaker, one expects big things for this army.  On a side note, his desert terrain boards look bloody fantastic.

It's great for my own fimir project to come across these other takes on the cyclopean bog-lovers. As the fimir are not that well represented, it's easy to get stuck with the look of the existing models as you don't have many other gamers armies to bounce off of and take ideas from. Finding those brave few who are doing cool things with the fimir gives me some fresh ideas to stea...ah, I mean be inspired by. Thanks to all, keep at it folk!

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