Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fimir - The Fimm Keep Coming

It's been a while since I posted any assembly work as I've been mostly working on fimm warriors. This fellow is the second last guy for my first unit of twenty fimm warriors, a hooded fimm pelting along at full tilt. Only one more to go, but I do have a second unit of twenty to do.

I think I'll intersperse fimm warrior making for unit two with putting the war-dogs and human horsemen together. After that it's just the battle standard bearer and I have two thousand points assembled. I do have plans for another five hundred points after that, but one step at a time...


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  2. Very nice! I really enjoy seeing these fimm conversions. The hood came out well, nice folds which are always tricky to make appear natural.

  3. Thanks! To be honest, my sculpting has improved 100% sine I got my set of rubber tipped sculpting tools. Those things are amazing.

  4. Really neat hood there! Is the head a casting? Do you mind my asking what you are casting in? Can't wait to see that unit up together, it's going to look sweet as! :)

  5. It is indeed. It's very rudimentary. Here's how I did it:


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