Thursday, June 21, 2018

Genestealer Cult - Ancestor Relic

It's been a while since I added anything to my genestealer cult, the Kabeiroi. With the release of the rules for the cult in White Dwarf I decided to paint a few new additions to get the family Necromunda ready. I've wanted to paint up this gnarly gun-toting alien skull for a while. It's a long OOP fan sculpt I've had in the 'must do' box for ages. It'll be a good proxy for a familiar in the game. As my cult are a corrupted Adeptus Mechanicus temple I think he'll fit in just fine.

It's pretty big for a servo skull so it makes sense that it'd be the remains of a revered if unlucky purestrain. I initially just pinned it to the base with steel rod, but it looked a little lacklustre. I bent some more rod into shape and wound pewter cabling around it and pinned it all to a piece of sprue. I added the connector cable to the back to add a little motion.

I've got the cult love now, so I have a big old aberrant on the painting table. After that I might tackle an acolyte. He's a selection of the crew thus far.

Brother Yogoth hangs out with Grandad, brandishing his illegal plasma pistol.
Nothing like a nice family outing. Hierarch Mijur is a wizz with the googlemaps.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Meatwalker - Gitrigga and Blacknose

You know, I've never painted a troll before. Certainly not one like this. The poor guy is being driven around like a bumper car by an overexcited gobbo.

This bizarre and fantastic miniature was sculpted by Johan Tieldow as an entry for the first Oldhammer Sculpting competition on the Oldhammer Sculpting Group Facebook page. Some time after the competition ended the crafty Chris Nicholls of Macrocosm sent me an image of this fellow in resin. He taunted me with it. What could I do? It was too cool not to. You can see his brain!

The Meatwalker comes in several parts as you can imagine. Nine I believe. Mine is resin, but the final version will be metal.I painted him in sub assemblies keeping the arms and pilot separate. As it was my first, I went for an old school troll colour scheme. He's on a 50mm base.

I played about with the skin quite a bit, adding blue and red glazes and working it up with creams in the highlights. He looks a bit more plausible (heh) as a result I think. I keot the metals warm and added the yellow moon on the shield to give him a little more jazz.

Macrocosm will be running a kickstarter to fund production of this guy soon. He'll be a great mini to have in a warband of greenskins, you don't get too many remote control trolls on the gaming tables. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Circus of Corruption - Jim Carter and Coilin Brown

Finishing my triumvirate of Circus of Corruption sample minis we have two more of the players, Jim Carter and Coilin Brown, a puppeteer and acrobat from Old School Miniatures recent Kickstarter. You can still order the Circus from the website at KS prices here.

Jim Carter is a nicely creepy fellow. He looks like he is having no fun AT ALL. I only noticed when painting him he has a hand on his belt, a right hand. The same hand he's puppeteering with. Eeeeeew.

I quartered his motley to ramp up the circusiness. I do love the contrast (I can't bring myself to say juxtaposition, too much art college.) between the jolly circus theme and the depressed faces, pus-filled sores and ragged gear. To expunge all subtlety I added a rat to the base and gave the puppet a happy sprinkle of glitter on it's little robe. Hooray!

Our next player is Coilin Brown, an acrobat, tumbler and dog breeder. Okay, not a dog breeder. His older brother got the family dog-breeding business while poor Coilin was forced to strike out and make his own way. Seems things could have gone better. If only he'd listened to that nice barkeep in Wurtbad and headed South. Oh well.

He's quite a simple model, so I was tempted to add a little something by giving him badly soiled hose. Like Bridesmaids bad. I resisted though. Not sure if I made the right call, but I think it was the way to go. Gazing at his crusty hoop might have been too much for some gamers.

Again, I added a little rat to the base. This one is not sure about what's going on at all. They are great little guys for bases. From the Hellpit Abomination kit if I recall correctly. Not every rat has to be a skaven spy. These guys are just rodents. It's worth mentioning too that both the players are on 32mm bases. Bigger than usual for this kind of mini, but I thought it suited them better. They still fit on a 25mm base fine though.

I'll switch gears again now after that little trip to the circus. Something bigger next.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Circus of Corruption - Mungo Silenbritches

This handsome fellow is Mungo Silenbritches from the Circus of Corruption Kickstarter from Old School Miniatures. I was fortunate enough to snag a preview copy of Mungo and get him painted up just in time to not help the Kickstarter in any way at all. (It finished up a couple of days ago.) You CAN still order the Circus from the website at KS prices though, here's the link. My fellow Scale Creeps, those faster and more diligent with the brush than I posted a selection of Circus of Corruption miniatures last week, you can check these delights out here.

Mungo is probably my favourite mini from the set thus far. He's one of a pair of strongmen. There are many circus favourites in the range from acrobats to stilt walkers (if they are stilts).

I had a great old time painting Mungo's pasty rancid flesh, boils and guts. He's so damn fun. I added a couple of wee rats to his base, hoping for a tasty bit to drop off. That's one hell of a hernia he's got. Just goes to show, make sure you know what you're doing with those weights. 

I have another pair of Circus members on the painting table, a tumbler and a puppeteer. It would be very easy to keep going, these are very fun minis. I'll have to wait until the rest of the kickstarter arrives though.

I hear there's even an elephant.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Shadespire - Sepulchral Guard Finished

These lads were supposed to be deep in the heart of battle at this moment, but life sometimes makes plans without consulting us, so instead I found myself with the time to take some photos of my finished Sepulchral Guard. The last three I painted were the Warden, Champion and Prince of Dust.

The Warden is a cool looking skeleton. I love his pose, the armoured boots, the fur, the shield, all suitably epic. That cloak in particular is mightily heroic. I painted him in two parts so I could get at his armour, shield and cloak. There was no way I could have levered my brush into some of those crannies without severe mental damage. As a grognard, I was not raised with all these holes in cloaks and super dynamic poses. My undead had to rank up, by Nagash!

I'm not really a fan of assembly after painting, it's always a risk. This time though, he went together just dandy. Look at that cloak though, what a sculpt.

The second of these final three was the Prince of Dust. Less detailed than the Warden, the Prince is still a great mini. The slightly askew jaswbone is a nice touch, it makes him look like a bit of a madman. I reckon he's the skeleton that charges in with the high pitched scream, Harryhausen style. This guy was also painted in two parts so I could get at his shield and cloak.

The final of the three is the Champion. The goth of the group. He's got that art nouveau thing going on with the pointed helm, tall elegant broadsword and flowing cloth. He was also painted in two parts, and was a true bastard to put together after.

You know, I've been at this miniature painting lark for a long time. Over thirty years. I like to think I'm a bit of a veteran. I know a few things. Like how to dry fit parts, I know how to do that. I shaved the plug on this guy before I started painting so that it would fit nice and easy after I'd finished painting both parts. Did it? No. It did not. It did not.

So, with the plug half way in I think 'I'll pull it out, shave it some more and go again.' Nope. No budging. I did scrape the paintwork trying too. The only thing for it was to push it and hope it moved far enough. By the grace of the Gods, it did. Not perfectly though, it left a gap of two or so millimetres where the hand joins the wrist. Some glue (glue on painted parts, good Christ) and I held that sucker tight for about five minutes. More paint damage. With the parts finally together I repaired the damage to the paint and hit him with a fresh coat of varnish. A close call.

With the Champion defeated that was the warband complete. I'm pretty happy to have a Shadespire warband ready to go, and I fancy doing another in the near future. Skaven perhaps, maybe even Stormcast. They're such great little painting projects. Before that though, I think I'll have a crack at some terrain for blocked hexes. I have lots of ruins and statuary that's crying out for use in something like Shadespire ruins.

Next up though, something from the circus.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Shadespire - Petitioners and the Harvester

I'm back working on the sepulchral guard for Shadespire now that the Shadow Dragon Tong project is finished. I really like these minis. Most of the Shadespire models are cracking, though the sepulchral guard and the skaven are probably my favourites.

I've finished the petitioners and the harvester. As with a lot of the modern GW sculpts, you really have to consider sub assemblies or buy magic brushes to get at some of the parts. None of the lads above had to be painted that way thankfully, but the other three require sub assemblies for painting.

The harvester is a fairly simple model, though his half cloak makes me a little uneasy. It's like watching someone walk about with a vest on but no underpants. For all his simplicity though, he's a really nice sculpt. Super delicate though, as most of the sepulchral guard are.

This petitioner is half the job, but trying to paint his hips and the underside of his rags is a bit fiddly. 'Nobody will see them!' you say. I know. I know. The wee gravestone is cool though. I added a little ivy to it for the craic.

The second petitioner is a bit more meaty, painting wise. He has furs, leather, cloth, metal and bone. I added a couple more quick steps to my rust technique and it turned out well I think. The fur I painted as wolf pelt. I might do the same on the warden. (I see I've missed the leather strap on his sword. Goddammit. Back to the painting table with you sonny.)

I have the prince, warden and champion on the desk at the moment. They are little more involved than the fellows I've done thus far, but the sub assembly approach should help. I have a little over a week to get these finished before they step into battle for the first time. Some serious painting sessions ahead.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Dracula's America - Review

Last weekend I travelled down to Cheetor's place in Cork. Myself, Cheetor and TheOttoVonBismark had planned a weekend of Dracula's America. In Space. The posses were painted, the terrain was ready, the rules were read and the beer was in the fridge. Off we went.

I'm not going into a blow by blow account of the games we played, more a general overview of how we felt about the system, the posses we used and what we're planning next.

Sean (TheOttoVonBismark) brought a very tasty Slaaneshi chaos cult using the Crossroads Cult rules. This fit very well indeed, with a Keeper of Secrets (Major Entity) appearing in the first turn of the first game. That made me sit up and take notice pretty rapidly, as only a twelve foot four armed one-boobed skull-faced daemon can.

Paul (Cheetor) has a huge gang of Ratskins, which straddle the settings of Dracula's America and the quasi 40k sci-fi setting we chose for it perfectly. In this particulat scenario they are trying to protect a Jokaero from getting murdered by the other posses. The gorgeous terrain is all from Cheetor's collection.

My own posse are The Shadow Empire, Lo Pan's (from Big Trouble in Little China Lo Pan) underground criminal organisation. They match up seamlessly to the Shadow Dragon Tong faction. In this iteration of Lo Pan's existence he has managed to gain access to eldar technology and is retro-engineering it to suit his own foul purposes.

The Doctor will see you now.

We played two games of Dracula's America, Shootout and Escalation. What struck me immediately was how smooth the rules were. As with all reasonably casual rule-sets a modicum of common sense is required, but assuming that we got into the rules nice and quickly. Building posses is easy, especially when starting with a campaign posse. There are three levels of character, Novice, Veteran and Hero, each using a different dice for tests, a D6, D8 and D10 respectively. You buy the posse weapons (only basic weapons for a starting campaign posse) and that't it. The layout of the book jarred a little, flipping between historical and supernatural sections, but that's a minor quibble.

The card-bases initiative system is a lovely mechanic, even more so when you take the hunting grounds into account. The encounter rules for two players using the same card adds another interesting but not obstructive element, though Cheetor might disagree having been robbed of an opportunity to riddle Lo Pan with bullets when a gloom fell and reduced his weapon range.

We didn't use the hunting grounds in these games, but I like the rules for it a lot.

The progression system is very intuitive and pleasant to use. Rolling for injuries, advancements and so on is straightforward and entertaining, including robbing territory from your opponents. Even those who don't advance gain experience which makes it more likely they will advance after subsequent games.


There is one expansion so far, Hunting Grounds, which introduces new rules and factions, including the Shadow Dragon Tong that I was playing, as well as outlaws, mercenaries, new skills, gear and so on. I'm certainly going to be playing more games using these rules, I've already got plans for an addition to the Shadow Empire, an 'undead drifter', or in my case a reanimated eldar that Lo Pan is plying for secrets.

What a jerk he is.

Cheetor is playing with the idea of something vampiric next, but I'll let him loose details on that as he fancies. TheOttoVonBismark is thinking of something orkish. Or genestealery. Or both maybe.

All in all I couldn't recommend Dracula's America highly enough. As you can see, you can play it Weird Wild West style, or go Weird Wild West in Space, or whatever you fancy yourself and it works just dandy.

Wayland Games

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