Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Sláine 5 - Skull Swords Pack 2

The first three miniatures of 2024 come leaping into action! I've returned to my Drunes for Sláine, having neglected them for over a year. I've got a big Sláine  weekend coming up in a March, so it's time for reinforcements. You kind of need a few packs of skull swords for Sláine to hew through, in fairness.

These lay partially painted on my shelf for almost a year, so it's very nice to get them finished. 

I'm still using mostly Contrast paints over Wraithbone spray for these, as that's how I painted the others. The way I use Contrast has evolved a bit since I started my Sláine project, but I want these to stay consistent, so I'm sticking to the original technique for now.

This new pack of skull swords gives me nine Drunes in the warband, which is 62 points. Enough for a middling size game. I'm planning on another pack with repeater crossbows and then a couple of Babd to keep Feg safe. I'd like to have about 100 points to play with eventually, for a few options.

For Crom Cruach!


  1. The result is excellent! I've never used Contrast paints, but the result shown here is very tempting. I really like your style, and these minis are great!

    1. Cheers Philotep! I like Contrast a great deal. I generally use it in conjunction with other paints for tinting, shading washing. It's a really useful tool.

  2. Lovely stuff Mr S. and definitely getting the creative juices flowing here - might have to go off and reread my Slaine books and bemoan never buying the Foundry Slaine models when they were gathering dust in the discontinued section in the shop...

    1. Cheers Thant! I wish I'd gotten more Foundry 2000AD stuff too. Ah well...


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