Thursday, March 18, 2021

Ghost Archipelago 5 - Hiram Gunwalloe

Another crewman drags himself out onto the deck today, the steadfast Hiram Gunwalloe.

Hiram is a long-serving hand aboard the Kraken. He is known for two things: his deep affection for all things blackpowder, and his sonorous singing voice.

Hiram lovingly maintains an ancient musket he refers to as Wee Belle. Despite Hiram's attentions, Wee Belle still works mostly due to the enchantments laid upon the Kraken. The gun fires wraithshot, and with each hit the rust and corrosion on the gun recedes just a little. It is the same with all the Kraken's guns, from pistols to eight pounders.

Often is the chance you'll come across Hiram sitting on some rail or spar cleaning and oiling Belle while regailing those in earshot with some tragic ballad or lusty shanty. The crew, prone to strange reveries that can often see them fall motionless, find themselves lifted from the fug at the sound of Hiram's voice. For that he is well loved among the ship's crew, and even the captain has been noted to pause for a verse or two.

Hiram was sent to me by a good mate, you can see his mighty blog, Leadplague, here. He's a straightforward enough fella, so I just painted him with the palette I used on the rest of the crew. Again, I used thinned contrast as a recess wash on the pants and bone. It's great for adding definition. 

Almost looking like a crew.

Next up, it's time for the Captain.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Ghost Archipelago 4 - Sargento Alejandro Mortéz

Joining the crew of the Kraken today we have the former Estalian adventurer, Alejandro Mortéz. 

Found marooned on a sandbar, Alejandro was only too glad to join the crew in return for passage away from his sandy obliette. 

It did't take long for Alejandro to tell his story. (There's a lot of time to kill on board the Kraken) It transpired that while looting a temple deep in the steaming jungles they had discovered a number of glowing green statuettes. Soon after leaving with their haul, Alejandro and his men had begun to grow ill. Terrified they had called down some terrible curse upon themselves, they made for their ship. As they journeyed to the coast some of the men expired, while others began to change, much to the horror of their comrades.

By the time they reached the beach, only Alejandro was left, and was much altered. Breaking the tree line, the last of his strength deserted him as he reached the shore.

He awoke on his lonely sandbar, nothing but bleached bone and rusting armour. he still had one of the tiny statues in his pouch, and it is this, he reasoned, that brought him back. Alejandro has had a very long time to consider his fate. Maybe if he returned it, he might be restored?

The crew reckons that ship had sailed, as it were, but they are very interested indeed in the location of that temple.

Alejandro is another of the marvellous undead from Marauder Miniatures. MM50/1 C, undead hero, sculpted by Aly Morrison. He's a particularly characterful fella. The mutated legs and ornate armour, combined with the cutlass and pistol make him a favourite. I was most gratified to find a home for him in the crew.

I painted him up with my usual undead scheme. I've taken to adding a little thinned Skeleton Horde contrast paint to parts of the bone I want to tone down or deepen the shade. It's great stuff. 

That brings the crew to the half way mark. The next fellow is not far from done, so hopefully another crewmate will be along presently Cap'n.

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