Thursday, September 29, 2011

Monstrous Arcana - Forge World Do Fimir

I mentioned a little while ago that GW seem to be releasing new products bases entirely on what have in my personal wish-list. I like: vampire counts, chaos dwarves and fimir. Can you see why I'm happy? The latest in this series of 'keep Mr Saturday happy' is the news that fimir warriors will be included in the new Monstrous Arcana book. Hot damn. I guess they will be monstrous infantry. But hell, the timing! I started my fimir army earlier this year when most warhammer players would have looked at a fimir and went "That's a what now?" and now not only does the dirach get new rules in SoM, but the fimm are due for a NEW MODEL RELEASE. Joygasm.

 Just to further spread the happy times, here's the first inkling of how the new fimir might look, and he looks good. I like the tapered snout, it looks meaner without losing the fimir head-shape, and the armour on his back is a great idea. I would guess by his gear and tail this lad is a fianna fimm. The Celtic influence looks strong too, with the swirls on the armour. One thing of note, his feet look a little more zoat - like than before. Something in that, I wonder?

The fancy of a madman, I'll warrant.


  1. That detail was not lost on me either, though there aren't many who'd notice that little anomaly...

  2. Aargh no! Get GW out of my head, that's three times now they've brought out things I've been working on! Ah well, at leats I can console myself with the thought that, being forgeworls, or even just GW, I won't be able to afford an army of these guys anyway! Guess I'll have to accept 'Fimm warrior' rules as Mistmor in my army like adopting the Balefiend as a Dirach. And they've got too many fingers. :)


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