Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Re-Introduction of the Chaos Dwarves into Polite Society

I've been thumbing through the new Ogre Kingodom book and I was pleased to see more mention of my little pals the Dawi Zharr. It turns out there's a healthy amount of trade between the ogres and Zharr Naggrund, and once again an army owes it's weapons/armour to the industry of the chaos dwarves, as the leadbelchers can now attest. It's very gratifying to see the dwarves o' evil folded back into the GW mythos after so long shunned and despised...

It's been a good year for the evil stunties, with Forgeworld producing a new line of the evil little fellows and the upcoming (it's been upcoming a while now) Tamurkhan - Throne of Chaos promising a new list for the long-neglected chaos dwarves. Other companies have been producing a nice line of dwarves too, with the Dwerg from Bederken miniatures being my firm favourite. I prefer the 3rd edition chaos stunties, all mutations, spiky armour and even spikier beards. No big hats here please.

I've put my dwarves on hold pending the new list, as I had been using the Indy GT list, and before I build any more of the army I want to see what options there are in the Tamurkhan list. I'm quite eager to paint up the little fellows, and I'm very happy with the test model, but I'll have to wait for now. My fimir are keeping me quite engaged in the meantime, and I'm having a blast putting that army together.

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