Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fimir - Unit Filler

Here we have the latest addition to my first fimm unit. As unit fillers go, it was great fun to build and paint, and I think it adds a lot of atmosphere to the unit, as well as a little height. I'm hoping the ravens will match well with the raven on the standard bearer's banner and give the impression of a flock flying over the unit.


  1. Very nice. That unit will be fantastic when it's done.

    1. Cheers Craig. Made it with 2 days to spare.

  2. Award-winning work here, Mr. Saturday. Everything on this impressive - the painting, basing and skillful way the ravens are "flying". Best, Dean

  3. Looks really nice, certainly adds this gloomy, muddy feel to the swamp-dwellers unit. Are ravens from GW or it is some other company's product?

  4. Thanks folks! The ravens are actually 40k dark eldar razorwings, metal ones I might add. I think they were only available in metal for a few weeks.

  5. Another great addition to an already stunning Army.

    Very well done.

    I also enjoyed your review of the Forgeworls Fimir.


  6. This is a really great piece. You have a wonderful eye for composition.

    I'm adding your site to my blog roll as we speak.


  7. Thank Tony, Matthew. Your Midwest Monster Labs blog is rather excellent too, Matthew.

    The second filler will be based on the tree of woe, a prevalent idea in many mythologies,(think Conan) so I'll be working one up as filler No.2. I've started on ideas for the unit of half-dead (animated bog bodies) which fits in with my whole Earth worship thing for the fimir clan. These will work as chosen in the game.

  8. I love this :) I was trying to comment on it a few weeks ago on my iPhone, but I couldn't work the captcha...

    It really fits the fimir theme - where is the column from? I was thinking Fenris but can't seem to find where I can buy it. Keep up the great work!

  9. Hey Chris, thanks. The column was part of a resin set of standing stones I got years ago, around the time Leviathan came out. I've no idea who made them, sorry!


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