Friday, December 23, 2011

Warhammer Forge - 3 New Fimir Revealed

So, there are three new fimir models! That's the second rank of my fianna fimm unit sorted. I love the shouting guy in the middle, but they are all excellent. I wonder are they 40x40 or 50x50? I would imagine monstrous infantry, which is 40x40.

It's hard to articulate just how happy I am about this.


  1. I think they are on 40mm bases.

    They are great aren't they? I can't say I know much about Fimir, but their faces and armour in particular look like a joy to paint. :)

  2. I am literally aching to paint them.

  3. I like the one in the middle better, and the right hand one looks better in this photo. Still not sure though.

  4. Hard to know until we see them in the flesh. I'm so curious about their stats.

  5. Gonna be a version of the mystic mist rule you reckon?

  6. First Warhammer Forge item I've ever appreciated beyond just admiring the level of craft - these are great!

  7. @ Fimm, I hope so, but it's hard to know what way they'll go...

  8. By god man you've been blogging like a one-eyed trooper over the festive season. ;)

    Judging by sheer quality of sculpting it is going to be impossible not to place an order for the new Forge World warriors this year! I've been writing these and the Balefiend into a new scenario called 'Rolling Fog' for my Marienburg campaign.

    At the moment these monstrous infantry will be appearing as NPC characters. Just as well because a D66 roll of 31 (Blinded in One Eye) on the Serious Injuries Chart would be catastrophic for a Fimir Hero.



  9. With new fimir and vampire counts coming out, it's been an exciting time...

    Your roleplay scenario sounds great. It does inspire the idea of an all fimir party, which would make for a very intriguing campaign.

  10. We'll see.

    The jury is out until Forge World pushes out the new rules. Warriors & Balefield (SoM) permits tasty NPC appearances. :)

    I previously went on record stating that Fimir models can be joyously gamed in Mordheim campaigns using the Cult of the Possessed warband list.

    Anything else is going to be a bonus.

  11. At £28 for three warriors these are pretty reasonable as Forgeworld goes... the classic ones sometimes go for that each, not that they aren't much nicer figures of course! Still won't be getting any though.

  12. It's less than I was expecting. I will be getting some, it's just not possible to resist.


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