Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dip - The Army Painter Guide

In recently had a package from Maelstrom drop through my letterbox. It contained a few bits and bobs, mostly tools, putties and general hobby stuff. I have to say, liquid greenstuff is a wondrous product. As soon as you use it it becomes something you just have to have in your toolkit. Anyhow, in the box I saw a guide from army painter. I imagined it was just an ad sheet, but after a quick flick it turned out to be a very handy little guide.

The guide goes through all the basics of dipping, from clean-up to basing. While I don't really need this, they do list all their primers, paints, examples of results of the various dip tones, tips in varnishing, basing and some nice examples of finished armies. There are also two excellent little tips on getting the best out of the army painter dip.

1. Keep it warm. In cold weather, pop the tin on a radiator or in a container of warm water to help it flow better, but not too warm or it won't shade properly.

2. Thinning. The dip thickens over time, so adding a tiny amount of mineral turpentine can thin it to a decent consistency again. One teaspoon at a time until you're happy with the thickness.

Not at all bad for a free promo booklet, worth picking up if you use or are planning to use the dip!

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