Monday, December 12, 2011

Fimir - Fimm Musician WIP

After the weekend painting sessions withe RedCraig I had three fimm pretty much base-coated. I went on and dipped the musician after adding some freehand tattoos. There's still a good way to go with him yet though. I like to add more highlights and detail over the dip. Dip is great, but I still feel a mini needs more work afterwards. Still, he's coming together nicely, I was wondering how his bronze necklace would work out, and so far so good.


  1. He looks definitely good, but I think You used too much dip (brushed on or dipped in a can), judging by deep pools of dip on the skull.
    I think that less dip produces better shadows - slightly softer and not so pronounced, areas are easier to highlights too...
    Just my 0.02 $

  2. Cheers foe the feedback Inkub. I think once the dip had shrunk down and had a coat of matt it wont look as heavy. It's just been lathered on in the photo. I usually brush on and then soak up any excess with another brush. I'll pop up a shot when he's finished and we'll see if it worked out.

    I always get a little flutter after using dip, you think, 'That looks rubbish' but then the magic happens.

  3. I like it a lot. The lighting makes him look rather shiny, but I am very much looking forward to seeing a whole unit of these bad boys. You continue to be an inspiration.

  4. Ah yes, this is magical moment... Miniature with fres dip looks "Oh shit, I'ce destroyed my miniature!" and then, after drying and coat of matt is looks good:) I'm still amazed by this effect:)

  5. Same here, it gets me every time. I'm dying to add the detail work and blending to this guy, hurry up and dry, Mr dip!

    @thebovineoverlord: thanks very much! I'm very much looking forward to getting this first major unit finished. It's a real dent in the amount of figs I need for the army, and I'm going to tackle a character once they're done as a reward.

  6. Slimy slimy.... but nothing a nice coat of matt won't fix. Lookin' mean. Have yet to experiment with the wonders of dip, we're doing an 'army in a week' session early next year so will have to invest in some for that. Love the fresh, shiny look on the bone actually, looks like it has just been picked clean!

  7. An impressive result Sat man. I love this guy. Is he a composition of various body parts or mostly green stuffed-out?

    The human-ish skins pigments seem ideal in the long run. I wasn't sure they would but the ruddier dwarf flesh conjures a hot-boiled sort of amphibian.

    My hobby buddy Chris (the frogprince) has been pointing at axolotls for tonal advice where as I'd been referencing newts! Well done for staying away from garish green. ;)

  8. Thanks Werekin. He's a combo of savage orc parts and a hefty amount of green stuff sculpting.

    I wanted to keep well clear of green tones, as the fimir has no connection to lizardmen or anything amphibian. The human/daemon heritage seemed to favour a human-like skin tone, and it seems to have been a good call.

  9. Don't hold your breath. ;)

    There is no connection historically. And I think you've got the right of it by steering away from pungent greens.

    But the fact remains that the shy reclining amphibians bear comparison to dreaded dragonfolk of Lustria in at least three respects.

    1. Cold-blooded: 3D6 rolls for Leadership
    2. Scaly skin: Who needs toughened leather chaps
    3. Aquatic: Water makes for good cover


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