Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wahammer Forge - Fimir Warriors Review, Part 1

To my surprise and delight, my Warhammer Forge fimir warriors arrived today. I've had plenty of resin models in the past, but this is my first foray into Forge World. I have to say, I'm impressed. There is, of course, a certain amount of cleaning up, more than a plastic model, but looking at these, about the same as a multi-part metal mini. Certainly nothing like the finecast models. What is amazing is the level of detail, which is incredible. Belt buckles, teeth, armour plates, facial features, all are gloriously fine. The thinner elements, such as the hafts of the weapons, are a little fragile looking, but once they are in place I imagine they'll be fine as long as they are looked after.These guys are going to be a real treat to paint up.

So, how do they compare to the fimir of yesteryear? For those who are interested, the heads are smaller than on the old Nick Bibby models, but the bodies are about the same size. The tails are a lot shorter, but then, getting fimir to rank up has always been a pain, so that's not so upsetting. I'm not certain about mixing the old and the new in the same unit, I'll have to have a think.

There are three tail variants, as well as three heads. The heads aren't a whole lot bigger than the ones I made for my own human-scale fimir, so I wonder. Perhaps some instant mould might be employed here to make a head for my human-scale meagh or dirach. Some experimentation is required.

Overall, I'm very happy indeed with these cyclopean horrors, and I think they'll make fine nobles for my growing clan. I'm extremely tempted to paint one up once I'm done with the unit filler for my fimm unit.


  1. Oooh now I'm tempted to get some... very nice models.. and 50pence more than river trolls!

  2. Those heads look pretty much consistent with the oldies, apart from the narrower eyes. Are the tails smaller because they are hidden under the cloaks? Seems like they'd not be very useful for clouting an enemy in front. How easy would it be to replace the weapons with something more appropriate?

  3. Hey Fimm, the tails are short even taking the cloaks into account. The heads of the weapons are seperate, so it would be very easy to pop an axe head or whatever takes your fancy on there instead.

  4. I see there is a set of 3 of the new fimir on ebay, "pro-painted" and currently at £60... If that's what their so-called-pro-paintjob is worth I reckon your skills could turn a tidy profit! :)

  5. Thanks Fimm. I paint commissions now and again, but by God I don't know how a man makes a living from it. I saw those fimir, not bad, but I have great hopes for my boys.


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