Friday, September 7, 2012

Fimir - The Half Dead (tester)

The old mind has been bubbling along all morning considering the next fimir unit to paint. I've settled on the half-dead, as it allows super happy conversion goodness. I plan a unit of eighteen, with one filler, which will be the fimir driver standing on the marker stone raising his whip to lash on his undead charges. I think a few half-dead will be emerging from the swamp, and possibly one dragging down a victim below the water too. Fun times. Here's the tester I whipped together at lunch. He's not quite there, needs some roots or branches or something. The skin will be dark peaty brown, but the bone will be regular bone. If I painted it all brown as it would be in reality, this model would be on a one way ticket to boringtown. Removing the plastic base will be the biggest pain in the hoop.


  1. Wow, that's so nice. I might have to do something like that if I ever get back to my undead army. I thought you were using a chaos list, how does this fit it, are they marauders, forsaken?

    On the base thing, why not use the mantic bases, they have a hole to slot into. Or you could just glue the tab to a slotta, then build up a bit of earth around it. That's what I did with mine, easier than cutting them off.

  2. Cheers, they're going to stand in for chosen. Undead, but great fighters and rubbery tough.

    I kind of want to keep the swamp theme consistent as with some pretty disparate units the basing needs to tie them all together. I may sculpt the base around it all the same though, or at least part of it. I did that with most of the fimir.

  3. Piltdown man got out of bed on the wrong side ;)

    Looking good - can't wait to see some paint on them.


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