Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fantasy Mathhammer - Only 118 More Downloads!

Hey kids. My good mate Craig of the Blog of Grudges has been having some success of late with his hyper groovy android app Fantasy Mathhammer. The app got a nice mention on Garagehammer on episode 55, and Craig was interviewed by Andy Sherman on Ohiohammer for episode 29. It's a great app for checking your various units combat effectiveness when list building, or just generally testing them against other armies units, and Craig is adding features all the time. Click the link below to get the app.

Fantasy Mathhammer

Craig needs 1000 downloads, and is currently at 882. It would be fabtabulous if Craig got to 1000, so go ahead and download the thing! Tis free! You'll get 1000 Mumblepoints* for each download, and Craig will give you a full body massage.

*Mumblepoints may not really be worth anything, or actually exist.

Wayland Games

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