Monday, September 24, 2012

Campaignhammer - It Lives Again!

 After some small break, campaignhammer is off again. We had a bit of a bottleneck waiting for two sieges to be played, but using the new Blood in the Badlands siege rules (which worked really well for us) we got them done last weekend. My undead had a good run, winning both games with a little backstabbery from their new Druchii allies. If you want to take a gander, try here. There's almost a year of campaigning on the blog now, which I'm quite satisfied with as these things tend to fizzle out if let drift. Now though, there's a fresh injection of hate, which is the lifeblood of a good campaign!


  1. Whew! You had me worried there when we went a while without an update. Glad to hear the campaign is still going strong.


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