Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fimir - The Fir Domhan Army List

As the fever recedes and the mind begins to clear, my thoughts turn once again to all things hobby. With no painting to speak of over the last week or so, I've been ruminating over the army list, and it strikes me that I've never actually outlined the basic 2,400 point army list I intend to construct! With that in mind, here is the list I've been working towards. Warriors of chaos unit on the left, and the fimir equivalent I'm using on the right. (There are non items or such listed, just the models.)


  • Sorcerer Lord on disc - Morgayne, Meargh mounted on floating stone plinth (Complete)
  • Exalted Hero - Fimir Flaithmor
  • Exalted Hero Battle Standard Bearer - Fimir Flaithmor Clan Standard Bearer
  • Sorcerer - Avagdu, bearer of Morfran's stone (assembled & primed)
  • 20 Chaos Warriors with full command - 20 fimm warriors (Complete)
  • 40 Marauders with full command - 40 Albion human tribesmen
  • 5 chaos hounds x3 - Human with warhound pack or fimir beast handler with fenwyrm swarms.
  • 18 Chosen with full command - 18 Half-Dead with fimir slavedriver (Painting in progress)
  •  Hellcannon - The Great Worm - Crom Cruach (assembled & primed) 
  • Warshrine - Altar of Solkan

So, as you can see there's a fair bit of work to do, the tribesmen being the biggest unit left to begin. There are some other units I want to add, the Marlwyrm riders (skullcrushers), another unit of fimm, fianna fimm (ogres) trolls, (fenbeasts) and a few more. A lot will depend on the new book too, but for now, that's how the model list looks.


  1. Looking Good mate...its going to be a very impressive force when complete! I look forward to watching it continue to unfold.

    BTW what is the origin of the image that you included? is there a larger version?

    1. Cheers Blue. I got the image off the interwebs, but it's from an old White Dwarf, though I can't say what issue.

    2. Paul Bonner, White Dwarf UK #102

  2. "Warshrine - Altar of Solkan" ?!
    Altar of Balor you want say?

    1. I'm still open to ideas...

      I'm going to convert the new chaos warshrine into something more fitting for the fimir. I'm looking forward to converting the two mutants into warp-spasming fianna fimm.

  3. Solkan is a Law Gods. Nothing to do with Fimir...
    Stonehenge to the altar could be cool.

    1. Ah, but in my particular variation on the fimir I follow the Warpstone 25 background, where the fimir have an ancient understanding with Solkan.

      That said, I'm far from settled on the theme/look of the shrine.


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