Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chaos Dwarves Knits & Mantic Monsters

I'm a big chaos dwarf fan. More so the old school spiky stunties though, truth be told. However, when a good friend offered to knit something chaos dwarfy for me, I couldn't resist but go big hat. Never in my wildest dreams, however, did I think she would produce such a tall-hatted thing of beauty.

Behold. (It's not me modelling, I'll have to wait a few more days for that.) Is it not glorious? The photo wasn't great, so I've jigged it a bit. My next outing with the Dawi Zharr will be most interesting.

In other news, Mantic have released work in progress shots for more of the kickstarter models. I saw the ogres a while ago, and I was impressed, they look cool. More pictures went up more recently, of the abyssal dwarf golem and the werewolf. I was eagerly anticipating both of these as a unit of werewolves would make a nice addition to my vampire counts army, and the golems for k'daai fireborn. Looking at the shots though, (and I know they are wip) I was deeply disappointed.

I'm a fan of Mantic. Their zombies are just great, I'm using them on my current project. But these two images do not fill me with joy. What's the werewolf doing? I mean, the physiology is good, if maybe slightly cartoony, but the pose is terrible. He looks like he's trying to catch his breath after doing the 100 metres. "AaaAAach.....Fffff! Stitch! Hang on, be with you in a minute....aarroooowwwcchh!!"

The golem. I hope it looks better down the road, as it looks pretty awful here. Maybe it's the photo, but it just looks terrible in this shot. I don't want to be too damning as it's still wip, but I'm worried. It is Bob Naismith sculpting it though, so there's hope yet.

Come on Mantic, you can do it guys.

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