Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fimir - New Unit Ideas

Yesterday I laid out the basic army list I'm building toward for the fimir of Albion army. This is the minimum I need to play a 2,400pt list, but gives me no room to change up the list. I did mention some extra units I'm planning to work on to add to the army once this first 2,400 points are done, and today I'll go into a little more detail on them.

  • Daemon Prince - Balor
At some point Balor will have to be included in the force. I have some definite ideas on how I want him to look. Like a giant fianna fimm, but more gnarled. He'll be decked out in the finest of armour and gear, possibly leaning on a great double-headed axe. The focal point of the model will be his baleful eye. Unlike all the other fimir, it will be a yellow, literally burning eye (possibly weeping some molten burning fluid like the mixture from a flame-thrower after a burst). The base will have the remains of Balor's latest incinerated victim smoking on the ground. A hobby challenge to be sure, but an exciting one.

  • Sorcerers - Dirach Murdach and Dirach Grunsgul
I'm not overly sure how these will fit into the list, as they are a bit large for a 25mm base. I may need to put them on 50x50 base expanders as with the Meargh.

  • 20 Chaos Warriors with full command - 20 fimm warriors
I intend to build a second fimm unit, as I think to have any list flexibility I need a second warrior unit.
  • 5 Marauder Horsemen with muscian - 5 Albion light horsemen
Think fantasy human Celtic cavalry and that's it. I need mounted troops, but fimir on horses doesn't work for me.

  • 8 trolls - 8 fenbeast
A unit of fenbeast is something I've wanted to do since the army idea first sprang into my head. I have five of the old fenbeast model, and I plan on adding some similar models from other ranges and perhaps a swampy unit filler.
  • Chaos Chariot - Albion war chariot
I picked up a Celtos chariot which does the business for this. I'm considering a fimir noble in the back, with a human charioteer driving.
  • 6 Chaos Ogres - 6 Fianna Fimm
I have two units of these planned, one of six and one of eight. The first unit of six in assembled and primed.
  • 6 Dragon Ogres - 6 Hagwyrms
I'll have to put these on hold until I see the new book. I guarantee the dragon ogres will be on demigryph style bases, which may change things a bit, model wise.
  •  6-8 trolls - 6-8 Daemonhosts
I'm also planning on running some of these fellows as humans possessed by wyrm daemons. They are gloriously revolting, perhaps I'll run them as trolls. I can't wait to paint these guys. They won't be available until May 2013, sadly.

  • Giant - Fimir Daemonmaniac
This guy will be a daemonmaniac. He may be a bit small, I think he's about 80 -100mm tall, if so I'll convert a giant to emulate him. He's so nasty, and I do like the idea of a giant possessed by a massive daemonic wyrm. Like the ultimate case of tapeworm.

  • Dragon Ogre Shaggoth - Kroll
A fimir deity, Kroll is a daemon prince. This model will be enormous, and should look rightly groovy on the table. These last three models are from Troll Forged Games' upcoming Assimilation Alien Host range.

  • 8 Skullcrushers - 8 Marlwyrm Riders
I'm fiending to add these guys. I have the test model mocked up, and I'm liking how it's going. It'll probably be the first unit I'll add once the basic 2,400 points are done.

That's the list for now. As you can see, I plan on covering most of the entries in the book, some a couple of times. I have ideas for other units not seen here, knights, hellstriders, spawn and so on, but I've enough to keep me busy a while yet...


  1. Going to be a very impressive army! If a little stomach-turning ;)

  2. Brilliant - good to see the Fimir's Demon-y roots being explored to the full!

  3. I gotta ask mate, is Kroll a Doctor Who reference?

    1. Incredibly enough, no, I took it from Warpstone 25, though I imagine the writers must have been Doctor Who fans!


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