Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fimir - Warped Ones?

 I tried to resist.

I said to myself, stay on target, get the movement tray painted for the half-dead, that's the respoinsible thing to do. It's not like they're even that great, look, nobody is taking them! They must suck.

But, I couldn't. I'm literally agog with the need to assemble a unit of fimir Warped Ones, or as the rest of the world will know them, warriors of chaos forsaken. I love the forsaken kit, though many do not. There are so many bits in there, it's a converter's dream. I now aim to but these bits to use on a new unit of warp spasming fimir warriors. Worry not though, I'm not parking the half-dead painting, merely converting the odd warping fimir along the way.

Anyone familiar with Sláine will know about warp spasms. I'm hoping to add a hero harness to each fimm, but for the life of me I don't know what way to model it. The other idea is to have a shard of leystone hanging around their neck, or shoved though a skin flap. I think I'll do two fillers based on chaos spawn for fimm who are warping out, and in a unit of eighteen that means two warp-out fillers and ten warpers.

Ignore the bluetack!

I mocked up the first lad using the old chaos mutation sprue, I have a bunch of these, I knew they'd come in handy someday. He needs a leystone/harness added yet.

So, warped ones, what say ye?


  1. Go for it man. I'm in the camp that dislikes the actual forsaken models but the sheer amount of bits on the sprues in the box will provide you with a ridiculous amount of conversion options.

    Looking forward to seeing the progress!


  2. I look forward to seeing what you do with these miniatures.

    I know that I have seen fantasy minis with great millstones around their necks, maybe this would work.

    Good luck.


  3. I thought of some chain around the neck holding the leystone, but I think I might go with the stone slipped through a flap of flesh, like some weird tribal body modification job, plus I can put that on different parts of the body depending on the conversion.


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