Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Warhammer Double Tap - New Daemons

It seems the Warp gates are up to eleven of late, as hot on the heels of the warriors of chaos release is the new daemons release, and not only that, a dual warhammer/40k release. It did feel there was a bit of a chaos bottleneck building up at GW, but the floodgates of chaos are well and truly open now. There must be one hell of a release schedule this year if they are pumping out so many new army books and codex in such a short time span. To this I say... splendid.

I'm still mulling over the new warriors releases. Whether to add a chimera, what combination to use on my daemon prince, what brand of deodorant to buy the Nurgle warriors, and lo, a platter of new daemon releases. There looks to be a pile of new units, from the Khorne cannon thing (it looks like some kind of demonic Harley to me, which I guess is appropriate) to the Nurgle fly riders. Not sold on the fly bearers at first glance, but then, as folks say, wait until one sees them in the flesh. Flying monstrous beasts/cavalry though, that's scary. I see they are not on the 50x75 bases, what's going on there?

The upshot though, is a new daemons book. This will upset the warhammer apple-cart no end. Daemons may not be the school bullies they once were, but they're still top tier. It'll be very interesting to see the new rules.

Thanks to Dice and Brush for the images.

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  1. Glad I'm working on Vikings right now, don't like the looks of those.


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