Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fimir - Warped Ones?

 I tried to resist.

I said to myself, stay on target, get the movement tray painted for the half-dead, that's the respoinsible thing to do. It's not like they're even that great, look, nobody is taking them! They must suck.

But, I couldn't. I'm literally agog with the need to assemble a unit of fimir Warped Ones, or as the rest of the world will know them, warriors of chaos forsaken. I love the forsaken kit, though many do not. There are so many bits in there, it's a converter's dream. I now aim to but these bits to use on a new unit of warp spasming fimir warriors. Worry not though, I'm not parking the half-dead painting, merely converting the odd warping fimir along the way.

Anyone familiar with Sláine will know about warp spasms. I'm hoping to add a hero harness to each fimm, but for the life of me I don't know what way to model it. The other idea is to have a shard of leystone hanging around their neck, or shoved though a skin flap. I think I'll do two fillers based on chaos spawn for fimm who are warping out, and in a unit of eighteen that means two warp-out fillers and ten warpers.

Ignore the bluetack!

I mocked up the first lad using the old chaos mutation sprue, I have a bunch of these, I knew they'd come in handy someday. He needs a leystone/harness added yet.

So, warped ones, what say ye?

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