Friday, February 1, 2013

Army Display Boards - Yea or Nay?

Yarr, Nurgle pirates!

Today for my wistful stroll through the meadows of hobby, I shall deliver my opinion of display boards onto you.

I like display boards. There, my hat is in the proverbial ring. I really don't understand why some people take against them in such a vitriolic fashion. 'They're not needed!' I hear. Well, no, but then, neither are nicely painted models and swanky basing and themed armies or yadda yadda. 'They're only for w*nkers who want to show off!' you cry. Well, that could be said about any really well painted or converted army. True, not everyone has the skills to pull off an amazing display board, but you don't see people running up to folks with nicely painted armies and punching them in the jaw. You don't see that with display boards either, but you get the idea.

Simple, but still awesome.

Display boards seem to be a bigger deal in the States. I've not seen too many in Ireland, but I think it is a great idea. What could be wrong with an impressive army set out on an impressive board? What? What's wrong?!

Tell one.

I certainly plan on making one when I get to the point of having enough army to fill one up. It's handy in tournaments, it makes your army look supa-cool and it can be used as an emergency time travel device.

Well, so I've heard.

Anyway, display boards. Hit me.

Not so simple, and a handy terrain piece to boot!

Wayland Games

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