Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fimir - Half Dead Update 9

The unit is assembled. I can put aside the scalpel, green stuff and clay shapers for another while and take out the brushes again. Putting these models together has been very enjoyable, indulging my undead Celtic bog mummy habit. I'd had that unit in my head a long while, it's nice to have it translated into reality and stood before me on the painting table. With three models already painted, I've a good idea how the rest of the unit will go. First off though is the slaver filler, I really want to see some paint on this guy. Even before that though, I'm going to get the move tray out of the way. A dull job, but at least with that done I'll have somewhere to put the models as they are painted!

After the half-dead are painted I have another character primed and ready for the brush, a low level wizard this time. Already though, I'm thinking of the next unit I want to build. There's the marlwyrm riders (skullcrushers), the warped ones (forsaken) or, possibly the hag wyrm unit (dragon ogres), one of which you can see below. I think I'll need to work on drool for this unit. I may add smaller worms to the bases for these too.

Wayland Games

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