Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fimir - Half Dead Update 7

The cutting, burning and sculpting continues on the half dead, with another three members ready for priming. The standard bearer is an old Celtos model. I had to lengthen the torsos of the plastic Celtic warrior parts I'm using as they need to be a little longer to maintain proportion with the legs. This is easy enough for the most part as the open stomachs are simple to sculpt. The fellow wearing the chainmail was another matter, and once this was done I felt he needed something more, so the loose belt was added. I love the Celtic horn the musician carries, it's such a crazy huge instrument.


  1. These are looking awesome. I can't decide if they are better than the fimir. Tell you what, why don't we just settle on they are all awesome! Great stuff, loving this project.

  2. Looking good (as always).



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