Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GW - New Warhammer FAQ's

Some new Warhammer FAQ's up today, see them here.

The new changes are for the rulebook, Daemons, Skaven, Empire and Dwarves. On first glance they are mostly clean-up, the main rules clearing up some magic questions. The Skaven FAQ does state a rider on a bell or furnace now tests separately  if hit by dwellers etc, and in the Empire FAQ the war altar does not pass on stubborn or the ward to the rider.


  1. Why did they make my dwarfs worse? Why?

    Grumble grumble

    Cos they needed to be made worse

    Grumble grumble

  2. I don't understand the relevance of a War Altar not passing on Stubborn. The War Altar will use the rider's leadership anyway, and then be Stubborn. This particular part of the FAQ seems meaningless to me.

    Thank goodness they have finally answered the question of whether a 2-part models tests once or twice for these characteristic test spells. Of course, it's only been clarified in the Skaven book. It would have been too much of a leap to make it a general ruling in the rulebook FAQ, I suppose.


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