Friday, January 18, 2013

Warriors of Chaos - A Bucket of New

I'm coming a little late to the party here I know. The images for the new Warriors of Chaos book and models started appearing yesterday and since then have been all over the net. No doubt you've all seen the images of the various new kits. If not, you can see them here. There's an avalanche of new kits as well as the new army book, all the more surprising as the general wisdom was expecting a new dual warhammer/40k daemon release in February, and here comes the Warriors of Chaos all up in our face with new kits by the bucket load.

Most interesting to me of the existing units getting new models are the new dragon ogres and forsaken, both of which one never sees on the table. Are we looking at new rules? I sure hope so, because right now dragon ogres are shining the shoes of the skullcrushers. As for forsaken, never was a unit better named. Let's hope they get the love, as the forsaken kit looks pretty interesting.

But, there's new units too. New stuff that makes me reach inadvertently for my wallet. The giant tentacle monster is such a stuff. I'm not sure what it's name is yet, but hell, look at it. LOOK AT IT. It's a slice of awesome sandwiched between the bread of amazeballs. One please.

The other releases are rather fine too. The beast chariot, the Throgg model, vilitch, the chaos lord, all a bit great. I can't wait to get my hands on the book to see what the changes are there. No more infernal puppet for me, I'll bet.

On a more personal note, this means big things for my fimir army, seeing as it's based on the Warriors of Chaos list. I already have an idea for a unit of warp-spasming fimm to use as forsaken should they end up worth taking. The tentacle monster fits right into my wormy, tentacle laden theme for the fimir army as it is. Just take off the chaos icons and add some fimir handlers/riders/crew and we're there. Well, I might convert it a bit more, we'll see. It might be garbage in game though. But... it's too beautiful to be garbage.

Exciting stuff, I guess all list building will have to pause until the army book is released, probably early February, one would imagine.

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  1. LOL, ..sandwiched between the bread of amazeballs. Great summary


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