Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scenery: Bane Stone

This fellow, as the outhouse, is an ancient terrain piece given a new lease on life. The mushrooms originally had that John Blanche red with white spots thing going on. The poor mammal who gave his cranium for wargaming is perhaps a rabbit? Suffice to say the creature was not hunted down and slain for terrain components.


  1. Love it! I take it this is a Fimmy piece? Can imagine a declining clan, bunch of outcasts or scouting party out in the fens shaping these stones for shelter.

  2. It wasn't originally, but now you mention it...

    Actually, I've been thinking on some fimir terrain now the army is well under way. A Meargh's tower, or fimir camp seems a good place to start, along with some more swamp terrain.

  3. Yeah, I'm making a swampy board on tuesday. Hoping eventually to have a big scenery piece representing the castle at Khulaine.... based, of course, on the castle of the crystal.

  4. Wow, sounds cool. Plenty of pics now!


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