Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Game with the Dawi Zharr

Well, broke the seal on my chaos dwarves. A good friend of mine braved the ice and snow to bring his dwarven throng to battle against my new recruits. He's a veteran dwarf player and long time opponent who I usually cross swords with using my vampire counts army.

Let us say I was given a good seeing to.

I could say I'm not used to using war machines, or missile troops. I could say it's not usual that I have to worry about troops running away or not being able to get back up after being run through. These, however, would be excuses. I deployed poorly, and as such suffered a beating that will leave a quite a mark. The last things on the table were my high priest who, having fled following the destruction of his obsidian guard retinue by a flank charge from miners (f*cking miners), left the surrounded daemonsmith in his kolossus to his fate. Quite nice on a narrative level, but ooo, the thrashing. I lost 2000pts, my opponent 500. Yipes.

I was quite disappointed in the kolossus. Not great in close combat, average at range, it just isn't worth the points, which is awful as I love the idea of the thing. It makes for good porridge though. The annihilators were also a bit meh, though they barely got a chance to perform, being charging in the rear by miners in turn one. The eruption gun and deamoneater were both destroyed before being able to show their wares, but the sneaky gits, now they impressed. Involved in several combats, taking a good tally of dwarves, they held the centre admirably. I'll be taking them again.

For next time, I think I will reluctantly drop the kolossus and invest in some bull centaurs and perhaps some inferno golems. As far as first games go, it was certainly a teacher of hard lessons.

Next time Te Craig!

God I hate miners with a passion. I also hate miners with Anvil-powered charges in turn one to your posterior. (Though, it turns out my most sporting opponent informs me he made something of an error here, as miners cannot appear in turn one. Rematch, methinks.)

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