Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tomb Kings - High Expectations

I've been waiting. The wait is over in May, I hear. The new tomb kings book is on its way. I have high expectations for this book, and I think I won't be disappointed. I'll tell you why, it's because of the new orcs & goblins book.

I've heard a lot of whinging about the new book. For the LIFE OF ME I can't see why. First off, the complaining about it being hardback. Too heavy. Give me a break. GW produce a durable (this comes with a big proviso, if one page comes loose I'll be using that book as a murder weapon, though, again, NONE of my GW books have ever come apart.) full colour book, and folks moan about the weight. Sigh.

The rules look great. From what I can see, with great lores of magic, new incredible units (arachnarok and mangler squig anyone), changes to existing ones (pump wagons, doom diver, the choppa rule etc) couples with the sheer variety of lists one can make promotes O&G to potential top tier.

We also get great new models. The savage orcs look a little angular, but still groovy. One gripe I do have is the doubling in price for orc boys. That's some hike.

All this bodes well for Tomb Kings. If the models get the treatment the vampire counts got, it'll be enough to add another new army to my projects. There is such scope for fantastic models. Come on GW, make me happy.

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