Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Citadel Finecast - Opinions?

Well, it's pretty much here. Citadel finecast is imminent. From the promotional blurb on GW, it's all good. It certainly looks the part. I really need to see some in the flesh though. Unless it's some new magic resin, there are things that would concern me. Such as:

1. How tough is it? Resin is notoriously brittle, and those swords, spears and standard hafts look like they are aching to snap off. Plus, will it shatter like the T-1000  when dropped? This is the big one for me.

2. Adhesive. Will super glue do the job? Some resins don't seem to take too well to superglue, or even two-part epoxy resin.

3. Clean-up. Resin doesn't work like metal or plastic when you're sawing, clipping or converting it. This may be frustrating for new or inexperienced modellers. The dust isn't the best for you either. Masks on!

4. Not really a concern with the material, just bafflement as to why it's more expensive than the metal version, but that little bugbear is already well argued, so I won't go into it here.

So, I really need half a dozen test dummy minis to experiment on before I invest in any. I'll be watching the reviews with great interest...

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