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Nagash Returned

Since my last post, the internet has imploded with pictures of the big fellow and his attendant releases. Normally I wouldn't post about something that's going to be released in a few days, but I'm a bit of a fan of Nagash and the undead in general, and there seems to be big changes in the warhammer world and indeed how the game is played. Whether this is as part of a campaign in the book, or in general, I don't know.

First off, when I saw the initial sasquatch of Nagash, I was unimpressed. I should know better by now, but hey, I was excited. Things were said.

However, this the appearance of the new images I have to say I am happy to change my mind. He's magnificent. The floating ghosts bearing him up are excellent. He's going to be a nightmare to transport though. Battlefoam are probably already working on the 'tomb of Nagash' transport case. His rules are pretty good, but boy is he expensive at 1,000 points. Here's the White Dwarf rules.

I was surprised to see Nagash gets his own army book. The cover seems to show Nagash shouting. 'HEY. I GOT MY OWN ARMY BOOK! DID YOU GET YOUR OWN ARMY BOOK? NO? THAT'S RIGHT, BECAUSE YOU SUCK! HA HA HA! ALSO! CHECK OUT MY NEW HAT!' Proper order in my opinion. Still, the 'undead legion' army lists seems to be a combination of Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts, with a spate of new releases coming in alongside Nagash. One of the two books in the set is pure background. This is kind of a must-have for me, it looks so tasty. Mmm, Nagash flavoured... 

I hear Kislev is gone. That's kind of big, and I'm not sure I'm digging it. There's a lot of Kislev armies out there crying little lead tears. I have the ice queen here somewhere. That must be where the sobbing is coming from. From BoLS:

 He looks smug there on the cover, don't he?

Warhammer, The End Times is noted to contain new rules that change the way a game of Warhammer can be played. It is not a new edition.
  • Warhammer: Nagash - 2 hardback books in a slip case. €65
  • Book 1: 296 page fluff book detailing the return of Nagash and events that affect every Warhammer race.
  • Book 2: 96 page book containing rules for Nagash, new miniatures, the Lore of Undeath, Undead Legion, fighting underground and more apparently.
  • Nagash - no mention of him being a dual kit, rules are included in the box. €85(!!)
  • Magic Cards
  • Nagash Novel

What the background in the WD tell us: 
  • I hope you didn't like Kislev, because there is no longer a Kislev. 
  • Archaon's advance has been stalled by Vlad under the order of Nagash (the Empire was in major trouble). 
  • Nagash goes fighting to unite the Tomb Kings and VC (one of the scenario pictured in WD translate into "the Fall of Settra").

Regarding miniatures/rules:
  • Nagash is magnificent, and very very tall thanks to his flying posture (he is supported by a bunch of souls). 
  • But he's not that massive overall, I have no idea how he managed to reach the 85€ pricetag. 
  • Not a dual kit. 
  • No other models that week, but the ones serving under him are hinted at the end of WD for the week after (so I suppose Vlad and that Arkhan dude, note that I know the WFB lore very poorly).
  •  As people expected, the new magic lore appear to work like Demonology for 40k (except with undead). 
  • Rules are changing with that extension, 50% lords for example. 

That's some big stuff. Kislev gone? It's highlighted and in bold, so it must be true. Settra possibly dead? As far as rules go 50% on lords? Yipes. There are a lot of other new undead releases, which spells bad times for my finances. I think Christmas is sorted. The new kits seem to fall under a few dual or even triple kits.
  • Spirit Hosts
  • Morghast with VC/TK alternate
  • Monster kit that produces Neferata/Mannfred/Arkhan.

So it looks like four new kits all in all, and these new kits look bloody nice. An undead monster stuffed to the gills with skulls is about the most GW thing I've ever seen. Not entirely sure on the Morghasts yet, they're a bit action figurey, but I'll reserve final judgement until I see them up close. The spirit host are great. Finally, a decent spirit host set. Mannfred is hilarious. His pose implies he's shouting something along the lines of 'Suck it, b****tttches!' to all and sundry.

Mannfred. He's doing well for himself, isn't he?
Spirit Host (Finally!)
Morghast Harbingers

There is a new lore too, the lore of undeath. New cards are going on sale alongside Nagash and the book. Seems he can pick pretty much whatever the hell spells he likes. There's a novel, and possibly a commemorative mug. There may be a parade. Actually, that would be quite the parade. Judge Death would probably be the commentator. 'Here issss the man himseelllff, loooking dazsssling in hisss amazssssinggg neeww hat. Whaaat a classss act. Now ovverr to Juudge Mortisss who is coming to usss from the foot of the black pyramid ffflooattt..."

Sorry. Nagash is my Justin Beiber. 

Anyway, here's the release schedule, better get some of that bone coloured paint before it's all sold out.


  1. Sorry to be a hater but I actually prefer Coco the clown. They have made him look like the robots in the matrix.

    1. No, I can totally see why you don't like him. I thought he looked garbage the first time I saw him. He's treading a fine line.

  2. I don't like either version of him. I actually think the LOTR Sauron is closer to what I would imagine.

    Looks to me as though there is an Apocalyse vibe going down and the other Undead "Lords" are his Horsemen.

  3. haaa! these new headresses... I can't tell stylistically if I like them or not? I'm likely to proxy the minis, but it sounds like I could do an army like they used to with skeleton archers, cavalry, charioteers and warriors all in one army with zombies and necromancers.
    I do like vampires, but have always wanted a more dark sorcerous vibe as the core theme.
    looks like I'll be wanting to find some interesting proxies miniature wise though?

  4. How many euros? Have they gone back to using soft metals for models, like, oh, I don't know, GOLD?

    Those Mannfred and Arkhan models look pretty boss, though. I have a mate who collects VCs who'll be after some of that in short order!

  5. I'm gonna put on an old Manowar CD and prepare to celebrate some WICKED METAL undeady goodness for the next few months. When will Christmas be here?!? I can't afford all this stuff until then... #whitepeopleproblems

  6. Why does everything 'magical' have to be floating now? I can't say I like it. Is it an improvement? Nah. Just another digital horror from the desktops of GW. At least now I can sculpt a giant skeleton and people might buy it! :)

  7. Do I hear 'Nagash'? Well, you might want to check this out, then:
    He's a big guy called Menhom, by Andrea Miniatures. Go get 'em!


  8. Nagash is my idol also, as my buddy Ham and I fell for him big time when Warhammer Armies: Undead was first released. This is a timely reminder that I've still not read his Time of Legends series of novels (still reading book 3 of the Orion series by the talented Darius Hinks). Another book set to pre-order, yet nothing has appeared on the GW web site for this upcoming release.

    What in the heck are those giant Kirin-like flying steeds Arkhan the Black and Mannfred are floating about on? What happened to Arkhan's awesome flying chariot? Last time we saw Manny he was getting his dentures kicked in by Gotrek!

    The new Supreme Lord appears to have been sculpted for duty in the 40K Necron range. I don't see any appeal as yet so this is not going to be an instant hit with me or some other fanboys. Let's face it though, anything is better than the dreadfully iconic original release (ole big 'ead) and the Khemrian influence is now clear for all to see... A tall skeleton in a fancy looking suit. Sculpted in the current trendy pose of magical hovering that has been running ever since the wood elf Spellsingers hit the scene... I'd like to see Justin Bieber do that.

    1. I've seen a couple of pictures showing the depth of the model, which is considerable. It looks like he's on a terrorgheist base. The hovering pose is pretty in right now, but having said that, I still like it. Nobody hovers like Nagash.

      I'm a little sad to see Arkhan losing his ultra-chariot. I have this, maybe now is the time to crank it out. His hat was also amazing. He was like a hyper-bishop. I wonder are the new beasties abyssal terrors? They look like Khemrian style VC monsters.

      I heartily recommend the time of legends books if you're a Nagash fan. If you thought he was a jerk before, you'll really love him after reading those.

  9. If this shit is released this week why is it not on the GW web store?!


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