Thursday, January 22, 2015

Genestealer Cult - Brother Char

After a hideously long time on my painting desk, the next hybrid is done. A meltagun toting 2nd generation, or brother Char to his fellows. The base model is a Mantic Games Plague model from Deadzone. I added a masked head to give him a little adeptus mechanicus feel. The gun arm took some work, a I had to change the position to lower the weapon so I could add the strap to give it some weight. A little greenstuff, an extra arm and some talos bits for stim injectors and there he is.


  1. Its good to see this guy finished, I suspect that you are glad to see the back of him. Im interested in seeing some nybrids made with the sci-fi zombie sprue soon, I think that they have lots of potential.

    As mentioned elsewhere, Im starting to like this force as a group now, they are starting to come together as a whole.

    Keep it up!

  2. As much as I enjoyed painting him, yes indeed, it's truly great to see him in the cabinet. The zombie sprue is conversion GOLD.

    Next it's robot time. Scanner magus arrived today, so I have a controller now too. Yahoo.

    1. I dont want to oversell the Magus/'bot combo, but I will accept nothing less than IMMENSITY. My thrill-buffers are being purged in anticipation.

    2. I'm beginning to think that awesome is your middle name Dave lol as alway great work mate.

    3. Thanks very much Frank, most kind! I rather think my middle name is more likely to be 'slow' however. Need to up that output level. Leaving my phone in the kitchen of an evening has been a good start.


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