Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Frostgrave - Deadite Warband #1

I've just finished the first member of my Frostgrave Deadite warband, Sheila. Most of the warband will consist of Bob Olley undead, as they strike me as very much deadite looking. For the apprentice though, I needed a Sheila. I've had this model for some years, and it's nice to finally find a home for it. This version, to my mind, is Sheila after a couple more years as a deadite. Possession just ruins the complexion.

Frostgrave is themed warband heaven. As the types of soldier are so generic, knight, thief, thug etc, you can make a warband out of almost anything. It'll be hard not to build and Ash led human warband to oppose the Deadites. I'm already looking at the Hasselfree Oakley with covetous eyes.

Wayland Games

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